Apple leaks official release notes for macOS High Sierra 10.13.4

“For the latest macOS 10.13.4 beta seed, the update notes merely say ‘This is the latest version of the macOS High Sierra developer beta and is recommended for all Apple developers’ in English locales as normal for pre-release builds,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac. ” However, it seems Apple has accidentally published the final full release notes in some other languages.”

“The release notes indicate that iMessage Business Chat will be available on macOS, as well as formally supporting external GPU (eGPU) system,” Mayo reports. “The accidental leaking of the release notes in French was brought to my attention by MacGeneration. They saw that the beta 6 notes were fleshed out and report that the same thing happened previously with beta 5 of macOS 10.13.3. Update: Polish and German versions of the release notes are also public.”

“Business Chat enables users to host interactive customer support and sales sessions with businesses directly from the Messages app. This feature had previously been announced for iOS 11.3. Apple has initially partnered with Discover, Hilton, Lowe’s and Wells Fargo for the launch,” Mayo reports. “The release notes also state that this update will finally include official external GPU support for newer Macs. eGPU integration was first talked about back at WWDC in June 2017, with a spring 2018 release date. It looks like Apple will make good on its timeline here.”

Read more, including the full release notes, here.

MacDailyNews Take: Imminent.


  1. Maybe if Apple leaks enough, they’ll realize the benefits of at least having a screen door that’s closed, so that some air can flow in and out of it so Apple doesn’t get stuffed up on its own successes.


    1. Fusion drives are dead. Apple doesn’t announce when they drop support for specific tech, they just go silent and leave users in the dark. Don’t feel bad, you’re in a large group of us who have been burned by Apple’s shoddy product evolution and support.

      The only good solution is to buy/retrofit your Mac with an SSD. Since Apple refuses to build new Macs with additional drive bays, you then will have to add an external hard drive or NAS for archives, for which magnetic disks remain the best bang for the buck.

      Do not rely on iCloud for any important data. It is slow and overpriced and we now know merely supports Google. Local storage, done properly, is blazing fast, easier for data sharing by multiple users, and cheaper in the long run too.

    1. I’ve had no issues. Work Mac running Win 7 VM, with terabytes of multiple, mixed formatted drives, and always connected to a windows server-based storage for archiving. My LG 27inch 5K display is my biggest issue (keeps reverting to odd scale after rebooting..unplug power..plug back in..then fine).

      1. The problems are with apps that I use and APFS generally. Plus compatibility with some graphics and video apps. Guys like me always prudently stay a generation or more behind because if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  2. Why does it seem like Apple leaks so much now days. It seemed like under Steve Jobs, leaks were extremely rare…

    I still remember when Steve showed off the iPhone 4 but it was already leaked by Gizmodo. He was so angry.

    Now it’s not really a surprise anymore when we get the leaks way early.

  3. Steve Jobs inspired a degree of respect and fear among many of the employees at Apple. Look at Cook – think he inspires anything like that?

    Say what you want, results speak for themselves.

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