‘Blush Gold’ iPhone X reportedly enters production

“A ‘blush gold’ version of iPhone X — once rumored to ship last year — is not only still alive, but entering production, according to a prominent leak source,” Roger Fingas reports for AppleInsider.

“Photos shared by Ben Geskin on Twitter depict both the rear and sides of the device, as well as a matching SIM tray,” Fingas reports. “Geskin commented that the ‘color is real,’ suggesting that Apple appears to have ‘saved it for later.’ He allowed the possibility that it might still be scrapped.”

“At the moment the iPhone X is sold in just two colors, silver and space gray,” Fingas reports. “The iPhone 8 is available in gold as well, while the iPhone 7 comes in five colors.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Blush, as in: Rose.


    1. I know… ’cause nobody is buying the over-$1,000 iPhone X (other than the 30+ million people who got it for the holidays…. record number for mobile phones).

      I guess Apple is desperate to boost the numbers, they’ll do anything, including Rose Gold colour… Sheesh….

      </s> (in case someone doesn’t get it).

    2. Kimchee breath – we’re taking you down Samsung puppet.
      In 4 months the next large iPhones will put the nail in
      coffin for good haha and you will not rest in peace.

    1. The golden look on the sides is due to lighting effects. Photos can be deceiving. But the gold highlights along the edge of the iPhone X in the photo appear to be lighting effects. The actual color is probably more similar to the “rose gold” of the past. I recommend waiting to see the new iPhone X case color in person before rendering a judgment.

      Now that Apple has dealt with the initial spike in demand for the iPhone X, it can expand the color pallet to match that of the iPhone 7. Given the preference for gold in China, I would expect that to be one of the choices.

      1. Where are you going with this? Look at any survey, look at any design trends magazine, look at any color/personality study: Pink is nowhere near the most popular color except sometimes amongst preteen girls who are not in the targe market for the iPhone X.

        Shades of blue, green, and red are by far the most popular. Techy products continue to push black and silver tones because they are easiest and cheapest finish colors for metal products.

        It is a valid criticism for Cook & Co. to roll out puke pink when the world massively prefers other colors.

    1. Are you here? You obviously hate Apple and Tim Cook.
      Why doesn’t MDN block you like so many others?
      This place has turned into an anti-Apple blog. The exact opposite of what it used to be. SAD.

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