Apple CEO Tim Cook visits Capitol Hill

CNBC’s Josh Lipton reports that Apple CEO Tim Cook is on Capitol Hill today.

No information about why Cook is in Washington D.C., but Cook reportedly lunched with U.S. Senator Mark Warner (D-VA).

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Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: ‘Tis smart business for Apple to have a strong presence in the nation’s capital.


    1. “Harvest the goodwill ”

      What is that supposed to mean?

      Which one will be groveling before the other? My guess is Trump needs Apple more than Apple needs Trump so Timbo will get whatever special treatment he demands. Stroke Donald’s inflated ego and you can have anything.

      Replace the name Apple with any other name (Google for example), and what would MDN say? Special tax breaks just for Apple are in accordance to your principles ? Graft and corruption is okay as long as Botty/MDN likes the company?

      America, now a corporatocracy. Where every citizen is free to be taxed and ignored , and the government responds only to billionaires and ceos. What a failure to what could have been a good republic.

  1. Probably to talk about this: “Trump China Tariffs Loom, Putting Dow Jones’ Boeing, Apple, Intel At Risk: S&P 500 Futures Fall”

    trump is going to ruin the economy and the stock market. The only people supporting the demented fascist are evangelical nut jobs and blindsided investors.

    1. “The only people supporting the demented fascist are evangelical nut jobs and blindsided investors.”

      Obvious you are totally CLUELESS when it comes to Trump supporters. I would suggest you drop the hate, but that would not help you …

      1. Goeb, we notice that you always show up immediately after botvinnik to echo one concept only: must defend Trump no matter what.

        Do you have any other thoughts inside your brain?

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