How to keep your kids safe on their iPhones

“Keeping kids safe in the real work is hard enough for parents,” Alexander Fox writes for Apple Gazette. “But the digital world has introduced broad and wild frontiers that also must be policed. Fortunately, there are a number of excellent ways you can keep your kids safe on their iPhones and online.”

“Kids should know age-appropriate facts about the problems they might encounter online,” Fox writes. “Just don’t fill your talks with unrealistic boogeymen and stranger-danger: while kids might encounter malicious strangers online, they’re much more likely to get in trouble with someone they know.”

“You really should keep an eye on what your kids are doing online. While it might feel utopian to give your children perfect freedom online, it’s also a little optimistic. It’s best to have an appropriate level of control and monitoring of the devices they use, just to keep them out of trouble. Is this spying? Absolutely,” Fox writes. “But, just like in the three-dimensional world, you need to be there to keep your children safe.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Lots of good advice for parents!


  1. Tell them about being IPBD: iPhone Brain Dead.

    Just saw a young woman pushing a baby carriage across a busy intersection while only looking at her phone.

    There is more to life than a damn phone display.

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