Things Apple changed, were mocked for, which were then copied industry wide

“A few days ago, I got into a Twitter discussion about things Apple changed and were mocked for changing, yet those changes were copied and eventually became the new normal,” Dave Mark writes for The Loop. “The original discussion was prompted by a wave of phones embracing the notch.”

“I was surprised by how many different things emerged from this exercise,” Mark writes.

“Key to making this list was Apple making a change that is first mocked,” Mark writes. “So innovation [alone] isn’t sufficient [to make this list].”

See the list in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: A good list. Does anybody have any additions?

Here are three fun quotes from a bloated gasbag:

• The Macintosh uses an experimental pointing device called a “mouse.” There is no evidence that people want to use these things. — John C. Dvorak, 1984

• Apple should pull the plug on the iPhone… What Apple risks here is its reputation as a hot company that can do no wrong. If it’s smart it will call the iPhone a ‘reference design’ and pass it to some suckers to build with someone else’s marketing budget. Then it can wash its hands of any marketplace failures… Otherwise I’d advise people to cover their eyes. You are not going to like what you’ll see. — John C. Dvorak, 2007

• Within the decade, Microsoft should have a minimum of 300 stores. They should do as well as the Apple Stores. — John C. Dvorak, 2012


  1. I didn’t see the cube cracks on the list, that got a lot of play. That and the hockey puck mouse, what a disaster that was. Oh and the Newton.

    Wait a minute, wouldn’t it be easier to make a list of things Apple changed that weren’t mocked? Might be a shorter list.

      1. Yes, there is an interesting question as well. Things from Apple that Microsoft mocked then tried to copy.

        That’s sure to be a long list, again the things from Apple that Microsoft did not mock and did not copy would be a short list.

            1. Gateway and others had shuttered their stores, and that’s one reason critics piled on Apple — never understanding the difference in business models. Pundits always make the same mistake, comparing Apple to what they think are similar companies.

            2. checked your facts first. Whoops, I forgot, applewhinybitch doesn’t check facts, he just whines. Waaaaaahhhh, Gateway was first *cries into pillow*. Mommy! Someone on the internet made me be wrong, waaaaah.

            3. So what is that articles supposed to prove?
              They had stores first? Sure. Unsuccessful ones that had to be closed down en masse and with short notice.

              Hardly something to hold up as preceding Apple’s wildly SUCCESSFUL stores.

            4. Sean, you and Well… made this so much more it’s hysterical.

              a) I made my initial comment in rebuttal to who did stores first MS or Apple. To which I said Gateway did it first. When rebuteed by Danox, I gave benefit of the doubt.

              b) Here’s where the fun really begins… Well.. the TOTAL DOUCHE, decides to get cute and turn my giving a benefit of a doubt against me, saying I should have checked. YOU said “well put” to a douche, thus making the douchery contagious. So I do check, and find out I was right all along.

              The question wasn’t who made the most money, the article was about who copied who. First is first, and that’s Gateway. They both copied Gateway.

            5. Being alive and hating Apple for no reason other than you’ve nothing better to do with your life, which is sadder than a sad sack of sad sadists being sad.

            6. so hard at you right now. I worked at a Gateway store idiot, they were showrooms that took orders and we shipped the computers to the customer. Danox was right. You are wrong. Deal with it applewhinybitch.

            7. You worked at a Gateway Store! Now you tell us. Must have been after you watched Tele Tubbies. Tell you what, pick a name and stick to it so we have a history. This way you have zero integrity. I’m laughing at your satupiodity, not that you’re funny in any way.

            8. Danox is right. Gateway did start to stock their showrooms but not until a year after Apple’s first full store and long after Apple’s store within a store. Gateway Country stores were just showrooms. They were also service centres but they didn’t carry inventory so that didn’t work either. It was the strangest concept. I wouldn’t call it a store. I can see how people would remember that wrong. Gateway did have a place you could go and look at stuff. Easy to get that confused with a proper retail store.

            9. @applewhinylittle bitch —

              “My contempt for Apple…”

              Well, there you have summarized yourself. So really, really, really – why don’t you just fuck off and go haunt sites that are about companies for which you don’t feel contempt?

              What the fuck is it with you sickos? What kind of mental disorder is it to spend time, more or less every day, on a website about a company for which you feel contempt?

          1. Gateway opened a number of showrooms, not stores. You couldn’t actually walk in their and walk out with anything. They had demo computers and a bunch of cow furniture. I remember thinking how stupid the idea was. A computer store where you can’t get a computer.

        1. Wish I would have seen this earlier when you first posted it. You are 100% correct.

          When I worked in D.C. for 12 years, all through the nineties decade, my favorite Gateway store was next door to the Pentagon City Mall along the Potamac River. Windows 95 just came out and stormed the computer world and PCs were flying high.

          Up the road North a few miles just before Tyson’s Corner was a CompUSA superstore, if I remember the name correctly. That was my destination FIX for the first Apple Store to check out the latest Apple gear. They had a large section of the store carved out exclusively for Apple, similar to what Best Buy and others do today.

          When you were challenged and attempted to be accommodating and respectful (kudos) — look where it got you — dumped on.

          Two snide, mocking douche bags with nothing better to do turned out to be dead wrong. Only @herself gave the respectful and factual response.

          Moral of the story: Stick to your guns!

          Couldn’t help myself, forgive me … 😉

          1. Gateway didn’t have stores. They had showrooms. Danox has been right all along. As “Correct” said, you couldn’t buy a computer there. You only ordered a computer from the showroom and had it shipped to you. Store? No. Showroom? Yes.

          2. Thanks GeoB. Point is, even in my first comment, a showtoom where things can be purchased is a ….
            And the real point. Apple did not invent stores. How utterly ridiculous. They didn’t even invent computer stores. So if this is a point of alleged innovation… it was Apple that copied.

            1. “a showtoom where things can be purchased”

              Sorry, nope. All you could do at a Gateway showroom was place an order. They didn’t have “things” you could purchase.

              “And the real point. Apple did not invent stores.”

              Buh buh buh, I thought you said Apple copied Gateway. If Apple didn’t invent stores and that’s your real point then Gateway didn’t invent stores either and nobody copied anyone. Could it be that the concept of a store existed long before computers even existed? What??!!!

              If Apple copied Gateway then Apple wouldn’t carry inventory at any stores. What’s that? Apple did have inventory at their stores? How curious. That would be… what’s the word… on the tip of my tongue… oh yes, that would be different than Gateway. How can that be? You said Apple copied Gateway. Surely Apple copied Gateway slavishly because of Gateway’s runaway success with Gateway stores. What’s that? Gateway stores failed? How can that be? Apple copied them and Apple stores are successful. Well, I guess we’ll all have to defer to your wisdom oh great and powerful applecynic. Apple must have copied Gateway. Nothing else makes any sense #sarcasm #dumdum

            2. I know you love to argue endlessly, but the original comment by Danox is correct. Gateway never had proper stores. Your reply to Danox was where you should have ended it “It’s been a long time… maybe you’re right.”

              Yes Danox is right. Nobody can be right about everything all the time. Try to relax and just accept you were a bit off on this one.

              Apple was mocked for opening stores. In particular because of the design and model of the stores which were nothing like Gateway or other computer stores. Apple did something different and was mocked for it. Apple stores did great and others did follow Apple’s model.

              The history of the Apple stores is not hard to find. Jobs realized a retail presence would be important so he headhunted an executive from The Gap and one from Target and then a guy from the Walt Disney Company led the team that developed the final store. Jobs supervised everything naturally. They even built secret prototype stores fully furnished. The only possible inspiration Apple could have gotten from Gateway was how not to create a store.

              This quote sums up what many said about the first Apple stores “Apple’s problem is it still believes the way to grow is serving caviar in a world that seems pretty content with cheese and crackers.”

              The Apple stores were super nice and high end and there was no way people wanted to buy computers in that kind of store. Turns out Apple was right and the doubters were wrong.

              It’s silly for you to continue to argue that what Gateway did was a proper store or that Apple copied anything from Gateway.

            3. I must point out that your objectivity on this matter is questionable.

              Since you took the trouble to respond, and I commend you for that,…

              Wasn’t my first response to Danox exactly what you’re suggesting now? No wonder you guys think you invented everything. It should have just stopped at that.

              When further challenged by a douche and a douche’s assistant I produced a link to a story by CBS News. Are you disputing that story?

            4. “I produced a link to a story by CBS News. Are you disputing that story?”

              Yes. Sorry if I didn’t make that clear. The story you linked to makes it sound like Gateway had proper stores from the start. They did not. At the time of closing they did because they were carrying inventory by that time. Gateway started carrying inventory after Apple’s first stores were opened. For most of the life of Gateway stores they were not proper stores. They were showrooms as has been said by a few people now. The story you linked to was a sloppily reported and inaccurate summary of Gateway’s retail efforts.

              What is this obsession with proving Apple didn’t invent this or that? Apple did however invent their own take on a retail concept for technology and there’s no arguing about how well it works. It is brilliant. Others would be stupid not to look at how well Apple is doing in retail and try to copy it.

              I stand by my criticism of your assertion that Apple copied Gateway. That is a very silly notion that is easily proven wrong. Apple learned from and hired people from The Gao, Target, and Walt Disney to create its retail concept. That information is easy to find. Apple seems to have a habit of looking outside technology and folding ideas from other walks of life into its products, ecosystem, culture, and business systems. Maybe that’s part of Apple’s enormous success. Rather than be angry about Apple’s success all the time it might be more useful to try and understand it.

            5. And I stand by the fact that I did what you now suggest in the first place.

              Apple’s success doesn’t anger me, their restrictiveness and BS does. This was case of BS, meaning opening stores was hardly innovative, Gateway or no Gateway.

            6. “opening stores was hardly innovative, Gateway or no Gateway.”

              Apple did do something very different for a technology company’s retail presence. Tough to argue against that even if you don’t like Apple.

              I take it you now understand that saying Apple copied Gateway is quite silly.

            7. “Not impressed.”

              Not impressed with Apple’s retail stores? Now you’re just being a hater. Like Apple or not their retail stores are by far the most successful in existence. People did hate Jack Nicklaus at his peak too though and lots of people hate LeBron James. Haters gonna hate as they say.

            8. Not impressed that opening stores was particularly groundbreaking. But maybe you’re just being a lover. Nicklaus did not invent golf,though he designed courses. LeBron is not Jordan.

            9. “Not impressed that opening stores was particularly groundbreaking”

              Sure. Though when you open a retail presence that becomes the most successful retail store in the history of the world by a large margin maybe that’s worth noting. That you do something is not the important bit. How you do it is the important bit.

              I can play basketball. LeBron James can play basketball. Should I not be impressed by LeBron’s play because ho hum I can play basketball too?

              “LeBron is not Jordan.”

              This is true. By the numbers Jordan is far ahead. By the numbers the Apple store is the Jordan of retail, far and away the top.

              It does sound like you’re just a hater.

            10. Jordan of retail. Spoken like a fan. Do you know what is a very common characteristic of a fan ? They put their teams interests above their own. So yes, I’m a hater.
              Should I root for McDonalds too? How about BMW? I don’t root for companies.

            11. “Jordan of retail. Spoken like a fan.”

              No. I used your own example as context. You said “LeBron is not Jordan” and you’re right. By the numbers Jordan is a better player. You’re the one who set up the comparison of Jordan being the best in a given field and since Apple stores are the top in their field…

              You can recognize that Jordan was a great player because of the numbers he put up but you can’t recognize Apple for the exact same thing? That’s being a hater and I have news for you, a hater is a type of fan.

              Recognizing an accomplishment is not rooting for anyone. It’s just recognizing the accomplishment. Is Apple’s retail presence in the top spot or not? Yes or no? I’ll prepare myself for the inevitable redefining of what retail success is. I’m willing to bet you’ll say anything to prove Apple stores are not in the top spot.

            12. Don’t make me cut and paste your own words. You said Nicklaus and LeBron. Read my response to Swordmaker, not interested in stores and retail. Not impressed by it. If I were I might even be an Amazon fan. Buy nope!

              Actually Amazon is scary and far more impressive at scale than Apple Retail. Apple Retail doesn’t scare me.

            13. No, Apple did not “copy” the Apple Store concept from another computer store, or even another general retail operation. It was unique and unmatched in retail history. Apple Ewtail Stores each still generate more sales dollars per square foot than any other retail operation in history, easily generating twice to three times the previous leader, Tiffany’s Jewelry in New York. When located in shopping malls, they are reported to account for up to 80% of the mall’s TOTAL retail sales, even when the malls are anchored by several major department stores and have several dozens of other retail stores in the mall.

              These are facts. . . Not opinions.

            14. It’s still just a store… Big deal. That’s money, merchandising, etc. Is it the MOST successful store? Don’t know or care anymore about that than I care about the most successful office building.

            15. “It’s still just a store… Big deal. That’s money, merchandising, etc. Is it the MOST successful store? Don’t know or care anymore about that than I care about the most successful office building.”

              You just did exactly what I predicted and went even further by completely ignoring Apple’s retail accomplishment. It’s like a Jordan hater saying “Pffft! Championships don’t matter! I don’t care about those!”

            16. It’s okay to not follow the NBA, isn’t it?
              Retail is not tech, and I definitely do not “root” for merchants I buy from. I’m on the opposite end of the negotiation.

              Sounds like you’re an investor, I’m not.

            17. “Don’t make me cut and paste your own words. You said Nicklaus and LeBron.”

              Yes I did but only as an example of people at the top of their game when you look at the accomplishments. Doesn’t matter if you love them or hate them you should be able to recognize the accomplishment. It also doesn’t matter if you care about golf or basketball you should still be able to recognize the accomplishment.

              You are the one who posted the typical hater response “LeBron is not Jordan” which is an admission that you do recognize Jordan’s accomplishment as the top basketball player of all time. Tough to argue it any other way by the numbers and it doesn’t matter whether you love or hate Jordan or whether you care about basketball. Jordan was the best. I can say that and not love him. I can say that and not care about basketball. So can you and in fact you did say that about Jordan in response to my example of LeBron.

              Going back to something else you said about other companies.

              “Should I root for McDonalds too? How about BMW? I don’t root for companies.”

              Recognizing an accomplishment is not rooting for a company. You can learn a lot from McDonald’s accomplishments in efficient systems and profit margin. Not sure what you can learn from BMW. How to build expensive cars that are not reliable? In the auto industry you would look to Toyota for accomplishments that are worth studying. There are lots of Toyota haters believe me. People just like you but their nemesis is Toyota and their arguments are just as silly. Those people will never admit that Toyota is incredible at manufacturing processes.

              “Can we agree that I took the position you suggested in the first place? That I at first left room for my being wrong?”

              We can agree on that only if you admit you were wrong in saying Apple copied Gateway. You haven’t done that and probably won’t. You continued to argue that Apple copied Gateway even after that comment.

              “You know, so I can retire the argument”

              What on earth? Retire the argument? Are you admitting that you can’t stop arguing? That’s a bit obsessive.

            18. “It’s been a long time… maybe you’re right.” Was my EXACT response to Danox. Now I have a choice to believe you or CBS News. Argue with them, then come back to me with your outcome.

            19. “It’s okay to not follow the NBA, isn’t it?”

              You follow it enough to say “LeBron is not Jordan”. If you didn’t want me to follow that statement to its logical conclusion you shouldn’t have made it.

            20. “Sounds like you’re an investor, I’m not.”

              No, you don’t get to use that old trick. I’ve seen you do this before. You try to dismiss an argument by painting the other person as biased. It’s a childish way to debate and frankly it’s beneath you.

              There’s no love for Apple or rooting for Apple if you recognize what they’ve done in retail. You can hate Apple, as you do, and still recognize what they have accomplished in retail.

            21. Hardly a trick. Read my lips…. I don’t care about anyone’s money other than my own.

              Look, Jordan may have been the best, but he did not invent basketball. That’s what you fans are claiming Apple did with retail. Booooring. They are making a ton of money in retail. They are not the first or, in my opinion, best computer store. The money is immaterial to me, and if you were to put a gun to my head to pay attention, Amazon’s accomplishment is far more impressive.

            22. “Now I have a choice to believe you or CBS News. Argue with them, then come back to me with your outcome.”

              Now you’re being disingenuous. I already explained that the CBS News article failed to mention that Gateway didn’t have proper stores and only had showrooms. The onus is on you to check more than a single source. This is your problem to solve not mine.

              “Look, Jordan may have been the best, but he did not invent basketball. That’s what you fans are claiming Apple did with retail.”

              I claimed no such thing. I said Apple’s retail presence is the most successful. That’s a simple fact. Doesn’t matter if you are interested, if you care, if you love Apple, if you hate Apple, none of that comes into play. Your bias against Apple is what led you to interpret people’s comments as claiming Apple invented retail. I’m not sure anyone said that in fact.

              “The money is immaterial to me, and if you were to put a gun to my head to pay attention, Amazon’s accomplishment is far more impressive.”

              You’re still doing what I predicted you would do, downplaying and redefining retail success so you don’t have to admit what Apple has accomplished with retail, which is create the world’s most successful retail store presence.

              Amazon’s accomplishment is amazing. That has nothing to do with Apple’s retail store accomplishment. Both are amazing. If you can’t admit that then all you are is a hater (meaning fan).

            23. No you are claiming something that contradicts CBS News. Not my argument, I looked it up when challenged. You have not given a stich of factual evidence to discredit the CBS article. You may be right, but the burden is on you.

              To be a fan I must follow, I don’t. I have no idea or interest in how well Apple retail is doing any more than I care about Prada.

              “I claimed no such thing” but the article’s title does, and then retail came up as related, not by you, but you chose to enter this pissing contest.

              Whether you think I’m downplaying commercial success or not, let me affirm I’m not impressed. It’s okay that you are.

            24. “let me affirm I’m not impressed. It’s okay that you are.”

              I’m not impressed but I do recognize the accomplishment. Your bias leads you to put words in people’s mouth all the time. You do it a lot.

              “No you are claiming something that contradicts CBS News. Not my argument, I looked it up when challenged. You have not given a stich of factual evidence to discredit the CBS article. You may be right, but the burden is on you.”

              You’re acting like a child. Everyone knows Gateway did not have proper stores and only had showrooms. Here’s a snippet from a history of Gateway, about the stores: “These stocked no merchandise, but were intended mainly to offer first-hand contact with the company’s products. Computers were still ordered over the telephone and shipped directly to the customer.”

              I can find a dozen sources. Stop acting like a spoiled brat. Gateway didn’t have proper stores, only showrooms. That is a fact. In 2002 Gateway began to carry inventory at their stores, well after Apple opened its first retail stores.

              Only trolls demand sources for common knowledge and they do that when they are proven wrong just so they don’t have to admit they are wrong. Aren’t you better than that?

              “To be a fan I must follow, I don’t.”

              A hater is a type of fan whether you like it or not. You most certainly do follow Apple and comment on almost everything the company does, as a hater. You’re no different than the Jordan-haters or the Tiger Woods-haters or the Toyota-haters. They’re all fans that follow the things they hate. Same as you.

            25. “O everyone does not know. You claim you do. Prove it.”

              I already did, I provided a quote from a history of Gateway. Now you’re in full on troll denial mode. You also don’t seem to know how to use Google. Since you are too lazy a troll to do that I’ll provide the links for you. I’ll stop calling you a troll when you stop acting like a childish troll.

              “Late 1990s: Introduced aggressive strategy of opening Gateway retail stores throughout the United States•Goal: Avoid carrying any finished-goods inventory at retail stores”

              Click to access GatewayInc.pdf

              “not to carry any finished-product inventory in its retail stores. The retail stores were used to try PCs, help customers, decide on the configuration, then orders are sent to assembly plants.”

              “The retail stores did not carry computer inventory, but were designed to showcase and demonstrate the company’s products to consumers.”

              That took all of five minutes. Are you done being a pouty little troll or not?

              “Anyway hater is too strong a word”

              No, it’s the perfect word for you, you are an Apple hater-fan. You spend your time on a website called MacDailyNews commenting on all things Apple with the username applecynic. You’re a hater plain and simple. Your actions prove it.

            26. See ya son. You’re fandom kills your credibility. You’re no where close to objective. If you think Apple’s retail not only came first, but also was copied industry wide (as the title says), you’re delusional.

              You wanted me to admit retail success, I did from the get go. I’m just not impressed by retail success, I’m impressed by technical achievement.

              You wanted me to admit I may be wrong, I did from the get go. But why let facts get in the way.

              I have every right as a consumer to critique any good that’s for sale. Whether I’m an Apple customer or not (I am, heavily). I critique based on fact.

            27. “If you think Apple’s retail not only came first, but also was copied industry wide (as the title says), you’re delusional.”

              I never said either of those things. There you go again putting words in people’s mouths, as you do.

              You’re an Apple hater plain and simple. You do a good job of pretending to be older by the way, but you fall back into childish behaviour too often. There’s no way you’re older than 20, son. Or if you’re older than that then, yikes.

        2. Others have correctly stated that Gateway had showrooms and not stores mate. They were like a real world front end to the company’s website. I wasn’t surprised when they failed. When I go to a store I want to walk out with a product. Gateway’s idea was all wrong. Did you ever visit one? I think Dell did a similar thing with kiosk type stores that were also not real stores but I could be remembering that wrong. I know for sure Gateway did not have actual stores.

            1. What linked report? Anyone who went to a Gateway store knows it wasn’t a proper store. If Apple had copied Gateway they would have failed huge. Gateway stores were such a bad idea. I don’t know about you mate but when I go to a store I come out with what I went there to buy. No such luck at Gateway.

      2. Apple rolled out the stores as Gateway was shuttering theirs and the geniuses of Wall Street could not see the difference.
        Apple has little choice as the dealer channel in much of the US was on life support and sucked like a Dyson. I can remeber seeing sales staff at Circuit City and CompUSA trying to talk customers out of buying Macs and steering them to Windows units

        1. I recall going in CompUSA and Circuit City stores only to find the Apple Macs were ALWAYS unplugged with no keyboards or mouses hooked up (this was deliberate) and the sales people always referring to them as “toy computers,” only good for children. . . “if you wanted to cripple your children when they went to work in the real world.” Or only good for “artists” and no good for word processing or school work.

          Meanwhile we Mac users were running rings around PC users in productivity and all of those things a “toy computer” wasn’t supposed to be able to do at all, according to these sales guys who had no clue what Macs could or could not do, being only familiar with PCs.

    1. And most amazingly still be listened to by others after those beauties. It certainly demonstrates the lofty level of self love he must hold to be able to continue in this business with out fear of of humiliation haunting you at every turn

  2. White earbuds and leads were unknown before Apple The list in the article is pretty comprehensive.

    White earbuds and leads were not used before Apple introduced them and were very widely mocked at first.

    Apple’s advertising is invariably mocked and imitated in equal measures.

    The stylish way that Apple packages devices was ridiculed and now widely copied.

    Reversible connectors ( such as lightning ) were criticised as being unnecessary, but now it’s a desirable feature in new connector styles.

    The look of all laptops originated with Apple’s Powerbook 100. Before that, portable computers had the keyboard near the front edge and could only be sensibly operated on a desk.

    1. With all due respect, white wires are a nightmare to keep looking decent. They are instantly ugly grey. I don’t even take my Apple wires and headphones out of the box anymore, I buy sturdier black cables elsewhere.

      Lightning is an okay connector but as you should see. Apple is only doing it to extract expensive licensing surcharges on iOS accessories. USB-C is just as sturdy if not moreso than Lightning, equally capable, and essentially license free, making it vastly less expensive for everyone. Apple wisely adopted it for MacBooks, it needs to get smart and kill Lightning, roll out USB-C everywhere.

      As for laptop design, it’s selective memory to think Apple was the only innovator here. They didn’t have the first touchpad laptop. I think Apple is falling way behind in Mac design. Other companies are pushing the envelope, putting stuff like fingerprint sensors on their laptops years before Apple.

  3. The mouse!

    “The Macintosh uses an experimental pointing device called a “mouse”. There is no evidence that people want to use these things.” – John Dvorak, 1984

    1. It is, although Apple has balkanized its iOS App Store so iPad apps don’t run on iPods and iPhones. Aside from Apple’s balkanized and ever changing screen size and ratios, there’s nothing unique about an iPad.

      1. There are dozens of poorly designed or poorly supported Apple products

        Apple Display Connector (1998)
        Pippin (1996)
        Apple Bluetooth Headset (2007)
        Apple humpback iphone battery case
        Nike plus
        Thunderbolt 1 & 2
        12″ single port MacBook
        Iphone 5C
        20th anniversary Mac
        Apple watch series uno
        Apple TV (all models)
        ITunes versions 11 and on
        Cuurent model Mac Mini — not because it’s bad for lightweight users, but the price is out of whack for the model which is obsolete, and was uncompetitive with stuff sold 2 years before Apple most recently neutered it. Shameful

        However a special place in hell, next to each other, will be the Mac Cube and Mac Pro trashcan, the nonupgradeable overpriced underperforming desktops.

      1. Right you are! New tech needs to be phased in with proper planning and communication. Apple sucks at these, they expect 3rd party manufacturing to fill in the gaps that Apple is too lazy to think abou anymore.

        Alas. You’ll never convince the dedicated fanboy that his collection of adapters and dongles are anything but another symbol of Apples (overrated) design genius and impressive business prowess. It is impressive to have sheep pay top dollar for such ugly usability compromises.

      2. Removing part of your brain made you a better person, apple cynic, so I’d say that it was innovative in your case.

        They even wrote a story about it, but given part of your brain is missing, you probably forgot, so I’ll remind you:

        Scientists removed the right half brain of appleynic…

        …and then, they asked him to count to ten. Applecynic counted, “two, four, six, eight, ten.”

        Then they put the right-half back and removed the left-half, and again asked applycynic to count to ten. He counted, “one, three, five, seven, nine.”

        The scientists then removed both halves of applecynic’s brain, and asked him again to count to ten.

        Applecynic said, “look, we’re gonna count to ten. We’re gonna count. Because I know numbers, I have the best numbers. All the engineers in Redmond can’t count to one-believe me, I’ve counted to one many, many times. They said we couldn’t count to ten. Well, I’m beating all of those people in marketshare. We’re gonna count to ten. Everybody, count to ten. Okay? And let me tell you – let me tell you something. I will be the best counting Applecynic God has ever created. We are gonna count to so many tens, I tell you. Look at that!”

          1. Neither, I am simply an applecyniccynic.

            When it comes to people who hate Apple, it is very important to be cynical about their reasons, because they’re usually completely stupid and, often, sinister and evil in their nastiness against one of the very few companies giving an actual damn about end-users.

            But you go on, you be a Microsoft or Android or whatever it is booster that you are.

            Your sad anti-Appleism plainly sucks, and you suck along with it.

            I’ll certainly call Apple out where they’ve done wrong, but with you, your whole ethos is purely Anti-Apple, and that is an insult to all thinking-minded people with full capacity with their brains, unlike the medically operated on buffoon that you are.

            It’s sad.

            1. I’m really anti-BS, but love tech. So Apple and I are stuck with each other.

              Google, and MS have “some” fans, but not really, and boy do they get called to the carpet, and most of the time deservedly so. Apple… not enough.

    1. Gollum, your two critics must have missed your sarcasm tag. I knew that both applecynic and MacObserver were keen on promulgating their points of view, but I am strict in expecting everyone to pay fscking attention to what is actually said before promulgating. Sarcasm is actually arguing the opposite point, and that was unfortunately lost on these two otherwise excellent commentators on the state of computing.

      1. Hey there Herself, sarcasm drives me up the wall. Why not try sarbusm, sarwalkm or even sarbikem next time?

        I actually prefer sarlimosm myself, I like to be sarcastic in style, and a limo is definitely a nicer way to get one’s witty expression across, even if sarcasm is the lowest form of lowered limo you can wittily get.


        1. I would have more readily understood your joke if the word had been sarcarm. If you are mildly dyslexic, as many people are, I can understand your seeing sarcasm as sarcarm or something like it.

          1. Oh well, my bad. For some weird reason I actually thought it was spelled sarcarsm for a sec. The fact it isn’t makes my joke completely stupid. I feel like an applycynic all of a sudden.

            Sincere apologies for being so stupid and too enthusiastic.

  4. Dave Mark lauds Apple’s iMac for ditching the floppy and promoting the adoption of USB.

    The iMac had a CD ROM, not a CDRW. It has been suggested that many iMac owners rushed out to buy USB floppy drives.

    IMO that isn’t an exercise in skating to where the puck is, it is an example of forcing punters to pay to go locking for a new puck.

  5. Things Apple changed and was mocked for that became industry standard?

    You’re all missing two big ones: the Graphical User interface, and the mouse. . .

    Then the another big one, the multitouch screen smartphone without a physical keyboard.

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