Apple debuts ad celebrating same-sex marriage in Australia

Apple Australia has debuted a series of new ads celebrating same-sex marriage via TBWA\Sydney.

The new ads focus on iPhone X’s stellar video quality and each end with “Shot on iPhone X” and the Apple logo.

The series, “First Dance,” features real same sex married couples at their wedding receptions enjoying – you guessed it – their first dance.

The ads follow a November 14, 2017 tweet from Apple CEO Tim Cook just before the first legal same-sex weddings under Australian law were held:

MacDailyNews Note: The song underlying each of these ads is “Never Tear Us Apart,” by songwriters INXS’ Andrew Farriss (music) and Michael Hutchence (lyrics) as performed by Melbourne-based singer/songwriter Courtney Barnett.


    1. Wow! This is insane!

      Why not push straight people now too. Like us making out.

      Good old Tim Cook. This is really dumb. You’re a tech company, not a Social Justice Warrior institution.

    2. Are all the posters here seriously suggesting that there were not many thousands of ads—print, broadcast, and online—run on and around Valentine’s Day showing “straight people making out”? How does a small minority of ads portraying a minority community in any way attack the majority? Their relationship does not affect you in any way, shape, or form.

      I am confident enough in my own marriage not to feel threatened because somebody else is happily married, too. I feel rather sorry for those who can only be truly pleased when somebody else is miserable.

      1. The point is that these ads are in ways political. Apple is a tech company not a government or some social institution.

        Showcase the products, not human beings. The ads are effectively useless.

        I’d be interested to see a poll of how many people who saw this felt like they wanted to run down and buy an Apple product, or that they made people understand Apple’s now confused product matrix or how to use their products.

        1. Discrimination against people on the basis of their choice in lawful marriage partners is repugnant to me.

          Repeated public boasting about serial adultery is also repugnant to me.

          1. They can get married all they want, there is no discrimination in that…however, the fact that depiction of male homosexuality is repugnant at a visceral level to me is not discrimination, it is simply my personal aesthetic. Depiction of bullfighting or animal cruelty would evoke a similar revulsion. You cannot legislate or mandate how you think people should perceive anything, such as me telling you how you should feel about “serial adultery.”

            PS: Rap music makes me puke too.

      2. Once again you miss the whole point of the majority of posters here.

        Either you are clueless and fail at reading comprehension or you purposely ignore the core opinion to push a gay rights agenda. I’m convinced it is the later since all your posts are basically the same.

        Your response is pointless since this is not about equivalents between straight and gay marriage. It could easily be another hot button issue like religious rights or gun rights and my response would be the same.

        Pay attention:

        This is about Apple pushing a hot button political agenda that reflects Cook’s lifestyle.

        This is about exposing Apple employees AND Apple customers unwillingly without their input or consent to one sided politics.

        And the most important — this is about not following sound TIMELESS HR advice to never discuss three taboo subjects in the workplace — sex, politics and religion.

        I know this will not sway a FAKE conservative like you one atomic particle. Daily you are pushing a liberal agenda 99% percent of the time, ignore and dismiss non-liberal arguments. In fact, one was the last time your entire post was conservative, or even a tad conservative. Answer, never.

        I don’t appreciate your deceit. But luckily, it fools no one with critical thinking skills …

      3. TXUser If you weren’t such a virtue signaling schmuck you just might begin to understand how acting like a SJW is in NO WAY the responsibility of a CEO.

        And gays aren’t a race so lay off the sanctimonious bs. No one is wishing them misery you prick.

  1. Why on earth is Apple (and specifically Tim Cook) pushing this? Religion, politics, and sexual orientation have nothing to do with business. Pretty sure Steve Jobs felt the same. You’re alienating a large percentage of your customers with polarizing issues.

    Based on the 2013 NHIS data [collected in 2013 from 34,557 adults aged 18 and over], 96.6% of adults identified as straight, 1.6% identified as gay or lesbian, and 0.7% identified as bisexual. The remaining 1.1% of adults identified as “something else[]” [0.2%,] stated “I don’t know the answer[]” [0.4%] or refused to provide an answer [0.6%].

      1. When you go on a job interview do you being up your personal views on religion, politics, or sex?

        Of course not because you realize you’re selling yourself and none of those things have anything to do with how qualified you are for the job. And there is a strong chance the person interviewing you doesn’t hold your exact same views.

        1. The reason they have gay marriage in Australia is that it was favored in a national referendum, but that’s kind of a side issue. If Apple aired an ad called “First Dance” of mixed doubles embracing, kissing, and dancing at a wedding, who would see that as a political statement? This advert is only “political” in the eyes of those who choose to see it as such.

          It is rather like the American breakfast cereal commercial a couple of years ago that was seen as political and controversial because it portrayed an interracial couple. The whole point is that “non-traditional” couples buy cereal and iPhones just like everyone else, so they shouldn’t be ignored in advertising. The real oddity here is a commercial celebrating marriage in a country where a majority of younger couples who are cohabiting are not married.

    1. Totally. Apple is clearly a very unsophisticated marketer. Why in the world would they use their marketing efforts to align themselves with a trendy forward-thinking social movement that just happens to also have been accumulating a large amount of mainstream support over the last 40 years. If there’s one thing Apple has never understood, it’s marketing. Idiots! (And good point about Steve Jobs. One thing we know about Jobs is that he was always a stone-cold corporate guy who looked to his spreadsheets for direction, and never let his read on people set the course. If you look back at his life, one thing Steve never embraced was any sort of ideology.)

      1. Spot on! And now the next trend is clearly Transexual rights. Apple should run ads for people who think they want a Mens Watch but really should get a Woman’s Watch. Apple could provide videos to help with genital reconstruction. AppleGayTrans could be an app that helps connect people with others who don’t know the proper way to use their parts. ApplePoop could help all the hip urban San Franciscans learn how trendy and forward thinking it is to poop in the streets during the daytime. Why not? Only a backward thinking person could criticize feces in the streets of San Francisco.

        1. If you ever need a guide to avoid poop iliving or traveling to San Francisco, use your favorite search engine and simply enter “poop map San Francisco” and it will be at the top of the list.

          Sad, but true …

    2. Exactly right, AustinX.

      My department head honcho and also the director of HR follow a simple principle to the letter. There are three things you NEVER discuss at work: Sex, Religion and Politics.

      Obviously Cook violated common sense HR policy and exposes all Apple employees and the company itself to ridicule and worse by taking a side and advocating hot button political issues (BTW, I’m in favor of GM) …

      1. GeoB,

        A majority of Americans in every recent poll support same-sex marriage, as you say you do. Australia has same-sex marriage because large majorities supported it in a government-sponsored referendum. Even larger majorities in both countries (including most Republicans and libertarians) oppose making homosexual conduct between consenting adults illegal.

        So, for every potential customer who might be turned off by an ad supporting marriage equality, there is rather more than one who will agree with it. In the Australian context, with same-sex marriage newly legal and a major gay festival scheduled for next week, the disparity might be quite considerable.

        This is not an issue Apple can avoid. A commercial that contains couples or families, but no “non-traditional” couples or families, will seem like an endorsement of exclusion to anyone who is concerned with the issue. To repeat, that is now a majority. It would be the equivalent of a commercial set in Alabama that shows dozens of white people but no persons of color.

        Avoiding depictions of gay couples isn’t just exclusionary. It is a bad move commercially, which Apple is wise to avoid.

        1. “So, for every potential customer who might be turned off by an ad supporting marriage equality, there is rather more than one who will agree with it.”

          More than one? Ha! Pulling stats out of your ass again, I see. I don’t know who is worse at misinformation, you or PreDrag.

          But one thing is for sure. You’re both batsh*t obsessed with gay Apple ads. How very CONSERVATIVE of you …

          1. Please call someone immediately and ask them to explain “majority” for you. It’s really not a difficult concept. The referendum in Australia passed because for every one who voted against it there was more than one who voted for it.

            I’m not obsessed with gay Apple ads. I am obsessed with the danger to our Republic from people who deny America’s (and Western civilization’s) commitment to the core constitutional principle of Equal Protection of the laws. If you and botvinnik don’t see that as a conservative position, you have problems far beyond the obvious one of being fake conservatives yourselves.

            1. Ladies and gentlemen — the undisputed King of deflection — STRIKES AGAIN!

              In your reply you did not directly address the lead item in my post, not one word, so here it is again:

              TX: “So, for every potential customer who might be turned off by an ad supporting marriage equality, there is rather more than one who will agree with it.”

              GB: “More than one? Ha! Pulling stats out of your ass again.”

              Not only that, we all know it is NOT true and just fantasy wishful thinking on the part of a gently worded liberal activist. That would be YOU.

              Gay population is one of the smallest communities by numbers. Good thing you’re not in finance because your 50-50+ exchange rate, minus credible data, is ludicrous. Opinions are not facts. You should remember that.

              If you respond to my post directly and not defectively, as you have already done, great.

              If not, I’m really not interested in more deflective liberal indoctrination. I get my fill of that everyday from the NYT, CNN, USAT, WPOST, etc. …

            2. You should have made that phone call. You clearly still don’t understand that when a majority votes in favor of something, that means that fewer people voted against it. Put another way, for every vote against, there was at least one-and-a-fraction vote for. Because more people voted for same-sex marriage in the Australian plebecite than voted against, it was adopted by large majorities in both Houses of Parliament.

              That isn’t untrue, or a fantasy, or wishful thinking, or fake news, or alternative fact, or supposition, or opinion, or liberal propaganda. It is a cold sober fact. No matter how small Australia’s gay population might be, their supporters include the majority of the voting population and their opponents are only a minority.

              Since more Australians favor gay unions than oppose them, the audience for the Apple commercials similarly included only a minority of people who might be offended. Given all the recent publicity on the subject, many members of the majority might have been offended by an iPhone advert that ONLY featured traditional families.

              To repeat, there are always more people—actual or potential Apple customers, investors, and employees—in the majority than there are in the minority. Where there are more customers, there is more money to be made. Again, that isn’t a fuzzy liberal fantasy. It is a mathematical certainty that I regarded as undeniable until you denied it.

  2. Well I’m one of that 96.6% who identify as straight and I don’t feel in any way alienated by other people finding happiness in ways which I wouldn’t, or by Apple applauding a country finally introducing laws which have been passed elsewhere around the world in recent years.

    Such things are only a polarising issue for narrow minded people.

    1. It’s not that people feel alienated it’s that Apple taking a strong stance polarizes the issue. The point made earlier in these comments was that it was inappropriate for Apple as a company to do this even if a good percentage of it’s employees agree if only because a large percentage of their customers do not.’

      I strongly disagree with gay marriage and no, not because I have a fear of gay people. It would be equally polarizing if Apple were to celebrate marriage between one man and one woman, or right to life or pro gun even though I’m strongly in favor of these issues. You’re wrong to assume that those who disagree with your perspective are narrow minded.

      Politically charged issues such as this should be restricted to the individual and not endorsed by companies… certainly not publicly traded ones.

    2. was fine until you determined that others feeling different on this issue were narrow-minded. Apparently, there is ONE way and those not embracing your thought are lacking. Also, just naming a group “narrow-minded” exemplifies “polarizing.”

      1. And I didn’t realize that Apple was now posting “No Gays Wanted” signs to replace the ones reading “No Blacks or Irish Need Apply.” As alanaudio points out above, you can’t very well celebrate diversity without showing people who are different.

      1. Actually, there have been lots of iPhone photography ads that included wedding pictures. You don’t remember them because they didn’t stand out from your personal experience.

    1. You let me down there. I had a bet with a friend that within 30 minutes of this article appearing, some idiot would try to link these adverts to quality issues in Apple’s product range.

      I lost that bet by 60 seconds, so in an hour or so will be buying the beers.

        1. OK, I’ll bite.

          What IS the link? You obviously see one. I don’t see how one’s attitude towards gay marriage affects quality control one way or the other, so please explain it to me.

          1. Don’t bite. Regarding this topic, I just think a dollar spent on AppleGay is a dollar not spent on ApplePay, which is actually the job of Apple. Not spreading deviancy. Steve Jobs never evangelized for perversion.

          2. Actually, Steve Jobs and the company he founded have always been well in advance of the curve on gay rights. Twenty-five years ago, that sparked a huge uproar in Central Texas. Apple was seeking tax incentives from a county that opposed the company’s policy of providing partner benefits to employees in same-sex relationships on the same basis as heterosexual married couples. The county eventually offered the incentives… but Apple never built the facility in that potentially gay-unfriendly community.

  3. folks it’s just a well-made ad. enjoy the high production values and celebrate their queerness with them. aggregated over all Apple’s ads this set are a tiny fraction

  4. Next up: Apple celebrates transgender washrooms.

    I’m so disgusted with Apple pushing personal politics under Apple’s brand that my days with Apple are close to an end. Steve Jobs was the man who made Apple and Cook is the one to ruin it.

    I’ll have to think Samsung as horrible as that sounds. The new S9 here I come.

    1. Over the years I’ve seen all sorts of bullshit on here, but pretending that you will buy a Samsung S9 because Apple supports equality has to be the saddest bullshit of all.

      I chuckle when I hear people refer to the S9 because I always make the connection with the light aerobatic aircraft called the Rans S9 Chaos. The only one I ever saw in the UK subsequently crashed twenty or more years ago a minute or two into a flight after becoming unresponsive. It seems a highly appropriate namesake for a Samsung phone.

  5. These are beautiful ads and simply say love is love. If you can’t see that, then you’re part of the problem. We need to celebrate victories in equality because there’s so much more to be done until gays are treated fairly and equally. If you’ve never been discriminated or felt bigotry then make some gay friends and try to understand. A majority of Americans now believe gay marriage is OK and so companies support gay marriage because it’s in their best interest to be on the side of the majority. Most major tech companies are pro gay marriage, it’s not just Apple. As the stockholder available I am glad that they have a corporate mission that goes beyond the bottom line, to think different, and to be a positive force for good.

    1. Apple was and should remain a tech company. Personal politics will ruin the company I promise you that.

      This is a personal issue for Cook using Apple money to push his beliefs that many Apple customers are NOT in favor of.

      I want to see Apple focused on Apple products not gay, DACA or other controversial issues. Cook thinks his the new Martin Luther king .He’s delusional.

      While you see gays as loving people, my experience is losing a cousin to Aids due to being repeatedly raped by gay priests. While there are bad in any group, it shouldn’t be emphasized by a tech company. I don’t want any tech company to push their personal views in my face and Cook just went overboard.

      Bye-bye Apple

        1. Anyone who doesn’t think like you is ignorant. Got it. You aren’t a liberal democrat by chance are you? Just guessing since that’s the most intolerant group of people I’ve ever met.

            1. When did gays become a race?

              Dave I like to fornicate with 4-legged mammals as opposed to 2-legged…where’s my special celebration you bigot?

      1. I saw gay couples kissing in the commercial, no sex. If you want to go there, I think straight sex is disgusting but I don’t complain about it. But that’s not what we’re talking about here we’re talking about love. This commercial is it saying love is love, what part of that do you not understand?

          1. More often than not, straight sex creates nothing, other than an orgasm (for the man; for the woman, not so much). And it has also been known to spread diseases (huge parts of sub-Saharan Africa is infected by HIV through straight sex).

            You really know (or pretend to know) nothing about this stuff, do you?

      2. Homophobes seem to be obsessed by anal sex. This is fascinating, really. Almost every time there is a discussion about homosexuality and gay men, some homophobe will eventually bring up anal sex.

        Research shows that straight men practice anal sex more-or-less just as much as gay men, and there is also a not-so-negligible percentage of straight men who enjoy getting anally stimulated by their partner.

        So, why are the homophobes so obsessed with anal sex? The only reason is because they are secretly wondering what it’s like…

        1. “Research shows that straight men practice anal sex more-or-less just as much as gay men”

          Lemme guess from Cosmopolitan magazine?? I know all quality research uses empirical measures like “more or less”. Smh

        2. There are citations to reputable research all over the Web. Just one example: in a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine (September 2015), over a third of women surveyed between the ages of 14 and 44 reported having tried anal sex in their lifetime.

      1. Yes, Apple products have taken a dive, more so with macOS. Now I have to have Apple shoving social issues in my face? No, I just want my tech and leave out anything else please. It’s polarizing and shows bias.

  6. Tim, what about opposite sex marriage? you know, the kind that gave you life to you and all those “same sex marriage” people. Doesn’t that one deserves to be celebrate too?

    1. Exactly. Tim what about the swinger lifestyle? Or threesomes? Or BDSM??? Come on we gotta celebrate everything now don’t we? Wait you say there’s a group called NAMBLA? Gotta make some ads for them too I guess.


    2. Have you not seen Valentine’s Day commercials? Vast majority of couples in those were hetero.

      Have you also not seen all those commercials for iMovie App with weddings (hetero), couples on vacation, etc?

      It is fascinating how homophobes never notice these things, and then protest about lack of them.

      If we were to do some research and count each and every appearance of a couple on screen in Apple commercials around the world, I can guarantee that the percentage of gay couples would be in-line with their actual representation in population; slightly higher in the commercials of the free world, slightly lower in places where gays are stoned to death by the state.

      So, yes, one deserves to celebrate hetero marriage, and Apple has done than quite much more than any other kind.

  7. Gays, transgender etc don’t bother me. I’m completely ‘liberal’ over such issues.

    BUT.. I’ll like to point out that Apple just released these bunch of Ads while NOT having ANY Mac ads at all for years. There aren’t even cheap web or social media Mac ads . Apple didn’t advertise Macs as gifts through the massive Christmas shopping season ! And yet here we have SEVERAL ads on gay marriage… (once again not against gays but just pointing out the starkness of priorities noting Apple is not a social org like the Kennedy Foundation, Black Lives Matter etc but a commercial enterprise).

    Macs are Apple’s second largest hardware money maker, last quarter again they made more than iPad and like twice AirPods, Watch, TV, Beats COMBINED and yet Apple doesn’t bother to market them but Apple’s all into social activism ads…

    Imagine if Ford didn’t run a SINGLE ad or promotion for Ford TRUCKS but ran ads for gay marriage ….
    (You can see from this Ford example how stark that is. )

    Perhaps there’s a place for social activism in companies but when it trumps the companies SECOND LARGEST PRODUCT ?
    If we move on away from Ads we’ve got whole areas that Apple seriously needs to pay attention.

    Ignoring stuff like Siri, Apple TV, product launch date failures etc I’ll just focus on Macs again:
    We’ve got Apple selling as a ‘flagship’ still on it’s Website the Cylinder Mac Pro which has not been updated since 2013! Imagine again Ford selling a car from 2013 as NEW in 2018 ! We’ve got Mac Mini not updated also for years, we’ve got an Macbook Air which is supposedly to be the ‘lightest’ Mac having MORE PORTS than the Macbook !! ? (total consumer confusion and anti Steve Jobs philosophy of product line clarity), we’re still missing a 32 GB MacBook Pro while high end PC laptops have had them or years, the new APFS file system according to some is buggy for backups …. etc

    If Apple needs to do ‘social’ well ok, but I’ll feel a heck lot better if the PAID THE SAME ATTENTION to some PRODUCT issues.

    (remember Steve Jobs didn’t want Apple to even donate to charity directly, only matching staffers charity contributions with cash. That was to STOP managers from FOCUSING on other things — like what charities to contribute to and what to ignore — but laser focus on PRODUCTS. Likewise he didn’t even want to celebrate Apple’s OWN 30th anniversary, all these things were ‘distractions’.

    Note Charities and Celebrations are ok things, even laudable but Jobs didn’t want anything to do with them.

    People have flamed me saying doing a lot of social work doesn’t consume much of Tim Cook or the SVPs time but neither would have celebrating apple’s 30th consumed Steve Jobs, a flunky could have organized it. What Jobs wanted was to drive home the companies ‘M.O’ of laser focus on products. that’s how Apple became No.1 as others like Tandy, Palm and dozens of other faded away. Jobs wanted the ‘troops’ to understand that when you enter Apple nothing, NOTHING is more important than the products. People even said he cleared internal personal notice boards on the walls from things like vacation rentals etc. ! )

    Tim Cook is leading Apple to quite different path. I won’t be here commenting except for the fact that PRODUCT updates, launch datelines, bug issues have INCREASED (with the new direction) while we still don’t have a major new PLATFORM equal to Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad . If Apple was firing on all cylinders I won’t be writing here.

    I note also recently reports of NASA voice analysts of CEOs and leaders we find Tim Cook falling into the category of Advisor leaders (I cut and paste) : “they tend to prioritize their own values and judgement over hard data.”

    1. Additional Note:

      my comments on Steve Jobs and charity. Reports have come to after his passing that he and his wife spent considerably on charity issues PRIVATELY. He’s dislike for Apple to get too involved in charities as it made Apple staffers lose focus doesn’t mean he was personally anti charity etc .

  8. Come on… it doesn’t matter if gay or lesbian… it’s all about people happy to marry other people …and the how good is the iPhone X shooting really good videos!

    That’s it! Don’t ruin your day seeing a problem that doesn’t exist!

    1. The iPhone camera can shoot super shots of gay sex, which is extremely important. So important it requires commercials and government approval. Does Portrait Mode work on Willy?

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