How to raise the next Woz, according to Woz

“If you want to raise your child to be a billionaire tech genius, you need to give your child a whole lot of freedom to explore,” Catherine Clifford reports for CNBC. “So says Steve Wozniak, co-founder of tech behemoth Apple. It worked on him.”

“Of course, no two children are alike, but when asked to reflect on what about his childhood helped him grow into a titan of technology, Wozniak pointed to the lack of restrictions that characterized his youth,” Clifford reports. “The Apple co-founder, 67, remembers dinners at home during which his father Jerry talked about the role of government and the constitution, but did not indicate how young Wozniak should feel about politics. His father presented both sides of the argument and then let Wozniak decide what he he believed.”

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (photo: Jonathan Alcorn)
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (photo: Jonathan Alcorn)
“‘Let them explore. Let them be a part of the whole world, and things that they like and the directions they want to go in,’ says Wozniak. ‘But don’t say, ‘Here’s what you should study. Here’s the school you should go to because it will make more money in your life.’ No, no, no, no. Let them do what they enjoy,'” Clifford reports. “When a child picks an area to pursue, encourage that interest, says Wozniak. ‘Help them go in that direction. Give them support, give them education, give them materials, things they don’t have,’ says Wozniak.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Also, you need to give birth to an engineering genius.


  1. i respect woz for helping to start apple but I’m tired of people overly associating him with the Apple of today and him riding on his achievements of decades past. The way larger portion of Woz’s career has nothing to do with Apple. Even the original Mac had little of his input and almost nothing of the current Mac line that uses an OS derived from Nextstep (Jobs company). of course he was long gone before iMac, iPod, App store, iTunes, iPad, iPhone , Apple retail stores etc.

    Salute him for a ‘founding father’ but for ‘advise’ think of his achievements or lack thereof AFTER apple (reporters keep asking him advise on all sorts of things awestruck with the Apple of TODAY — which has almost nothing of his input — as misguided reference).

      1. and what has that got to do with anything i wrote?

        especially as i state ‘salute him as a ‘founding father’ but for ‘advise’ think of his achievements or lack therefore AFTER apple’. If you still think he’s great considering his post Apple career after leaving Apple decades ago and he’s a great guy in person — thats your opinion and allowed — but doesn’t cancel my point that most of Apple today has nothing to do with him.

        1. Not to diminish Woz’s creations, but if it wasn’t for Steve, W’s motherboards would have remained in the “basement”, or discovered by someone else. Steve brought in all to fruition…pushing the tech, marketing, and tour de force. Woz is a brilliant tinkerer (said in the highest regard), but I too get a bit weary of “what’s Woz got to say about it.” It’s as much waiting for a comical statement as it is tech opinion.

        2. As per Woz’s achievements:

          Most people never do 1% of what Woz has already done in their entire lifetimes. Giving him imagined demerits for not revolutionizing the world annually is the province of morons.

          It’s “advice,” not “advise.”

        3. “Giving him imagined demerits for not revolutionizing the world annually is the province of morons.”


          I already acknowledged him as a ‘founding father’ of Apple, kowtowing in great fullness, but my post was based on facts, that he has little to do with Apple products today. What in it deserves calling me a ‘moron’?

          Like I said even the first real ‘revolutionary’ Apple product the Mac and GUI had little to do with Woz, his contributions stopped at the Apple I, II, III series. he was actually dismissive of the Mac. And like I said practically nothing of Apple’s current line up from iMac, iPod, OSX/MacOS, iOS, iPhone , iPad etc has anything to do with him.

          the only significant contribution of Woz to tech after Apple 1 I can find is the universal remote which was also years ago and you are criticizing me for absurdity of me wanting him to ‘revolutionize the world ANNUALLY’ .

          Maybe if you guys want to debate list all the OTHER Woz game changing products after Apple 1 ?

          Woz spent more time and effort on Segway than at Apple.

        4. “It’s “advice,” not “advise.”


          Advise is a verb meaning “to give counsel to; offer an opinion or suggestion as worth following.” Advice is a noun meaning “an opinion or recommendation offered as a guide to action, conduct, etc .

          Meanwhile, in American English, the word practice doubles as both a noun and a verb”


          GET THAT?
          :Meanwhile, in American English, the word practice doubles as both a noun and a verb”

          Both noun and Verb.

          and somebody is calling others ‘moron’.

        5. Please be advised:

          “Practice” is both a noun and a verb, but that has no bearing on the words advise/advice.

          My advice, use the right word.

        6. I apologize here and stand corrected

          studying it more I believe Advice and Advise are used separately as noun and verb.

          the correct word I should have used is Advice.

          (the dictionary quote I used was an abbreviation on a secondary webpage , looking at the original I have to correct my view)

          (see I can admit I’m wrong)

        7. Well, good on you, sorry for being so pedantic, but hey, it’s my name! Luckily, Mr. Sarcastic is out today, very busy these days.


        8. While I can’t speak for DaveWrite, I tend to agree with his sentiments. We all have respect for Woz’s accomplishments in the 70’s and 80’s. However, his opinions are pretty much irrelevant today. All the same, he feels the needs to pontificate and be a quote whore at every opportunity in the tech media. I suppose he’s trying to recapture something from his glory days. I think most people feel sad for him at this point for feeling the need to do what he does.

          Also, while he was a brilliant engineer, he was also the luckiest person on the planet. Good engineers aren’t that hard to come by. Being paired with a visionary like Jobs is something completely different. He should just be thankful for that blessing and move on with his life.

        9. No doubt Woz is no longer an “Apple Insider” and hasn’t been for a long time. However, when you meet him, he has an engaging, friendly way about him. He cares about people, technology, and engineering in general. His approach is unique, understandable by both technical people and non-technical people alike.

          When you see him, you realize pretty quickly that his insight into Apple is valuable and unique. I believe that is why his opinion on Apple has been sought out for the last 30 years. The opinions of other alumni of Apple such as Scully and Amelio are nearly worthless because they don’t have the same insight as Woz.

          Like I said, it’s obvious……

          One last thing, there ARE young “engineer-builders” in the tradition of Woz out there and some of what they are doing is absolutely awesome. They give me confidence for the future. 🙂

        10. his opinion of Apple is valued by the press because of the ‘Click-Bait’ value of saying ‘Cofounder of Apple’ because Apple today is so big and famous, as the press realizes 99.99% of readers including some commentators here , don’t know that his contributions to Apple was limited to the first few years (his final years were were hurt due to his plane crash and thus limited his help with the original Mac ).

          I’ve said over and over I acknowledge him as a cofounder and he might be a wonderful person but it has nothing to do with my original post.

          Surely listening to people and taking their advice has to based on factual understanding of their real achievements, like I said if you think Woz is valuable to listen to due to his every early Apple involvement and his DECADES of work else where you are free to do so, but reporters keep sneakily associating him with the achievements of Apple TODAY (where the fame comes from Macs, iPhones, iPads etc) is misleading. More HONEST to introduce him as ‘nice guy, brilliant engineer, creator of Apple 1 in the 1970s, educator, prime mover at segway ‘the revolution in transportation’…. ‘.

    1. Does disinfatuation with founding fathers have a statute of limitation limitations when applied to government officials too? To hear the regular critics here, the only good government employees have been dead for over a century.

      Woz receives respect from anyone who has dealt with him because he is a straight shooter. He is not the biased Apple corporate mouthpiece that some here want him to be.

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