Apple is the hedge funds’ least loved big tech company

“Apple is the only ‘big five’ technology company that’s not also a ‘top five’ hedge fund holding, according to Goldman Sachs,” Anita Balakrishnan reports for CNBC. “Amazon, Facebook, Alphabet and Microsoft are the most-loved stocks by hedge funds, alongside Time Warner, Goldman analysts said in a note.”

“The note lists the 50 stocks that appear most often among the top 10 holdings of fundamentally driven hedge funds,” Balakrishnan reports. “Apple is number 11 on the list, as a top 10 holding in 34 funds.”

“Amazon is a top 10 holding in 80 funds, Facebook is a top 10 holding in 70 funds, Alphabet is a top holding in 54 funds, and Microsoft is a top holding in 52 funds,” Balakrishnan reports. “The so-called VIP list doesn’t take into account the weighting of the S&P 500, though — where Apple’s behemoth market capitalization outpaces other companies.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Wall Street has never understood Apple and it looks like they never will.

Top U.S. hedge funds cut Apple stakes ahead of all-time high – February 18, 2015


    1. WS doesn’t get AAPL as it really means more stability for the price. Of course, this doesn’t mean the price won’t ebb/flow, but the variance will be tighter.
      And yes…I’ll take Warren’s robust understanding over the emotional, tantramic ( I love word creation) Wall Street children any day.

  1. ” Wall Street has never understood Apple and it looks like they never will.” There is solution for everything on this planet earth. How Apple could help WS to understand it?. Apple needs to work with WS advisors like Netflix and Amazon. Plain and simple.

    1. No one wants to work with Tim Cook. He keeps mentioning things like human rights and how Apple isn’t in it for the money. Hearing stuff like that is always going to make greedy big investors downright disgusted.

    1. How to eliminate the manipulations?. Would it help if Apple reduced the share counts floating on the market, do you think?. It is so strange every day, there are several FUD-negative articles about Apple. Those articles got so many click-baits more than any others.

    2. However, Amazon never goes down and yet investors continue to pour money into the stock no matter how high it goes. It’s not even the revenue that’s going up. It’s just that damn P/E which can easily go up about 2 points a day while Apple’s P/E barely moves a tenth of a point. AMZN’s P/E is now at 327 when earlier in the week it was around 320. It’s amazing how people can afford buy a single share at $1500 a pop. That’s the ultimate confidence in a company while investors think it’s risky to pay $175 a share for AAPL. Apple definitely must be doing something wrong whether I see it or not. How the heck did Amazon become the perfect company? Not even any worries about Amazon becoming a monopoly.

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