A test used by NASA assessed top leaders, including Apple CEO Tim Cook and President Trump

“Ever wanted to get inside the heads of the world’s top leaders? A new study has attempted to do just that with a test used by NASA astronauts,” Karen Gilchrist reports for CNBC. “Behavioral analytics company Mattersight used the world’s only linguistics-based model to find out what top leaders’ word choices reveal about their personalities.”

“The test, known as the Process Communications Model, was used for almost two decades by NASA to assess the psychological fitness of new recruits,” Gilchrist reports. “Being language-based, it is arguably harder to game than other self-report personality tests.”


• Elon Musk, CEO, Tesla, SpaceX: Organizers prioritize facts and data in their language patterns and avoid invoking emotion. As leaders, Organizers are goal-oriented and strive for perfection, often making it difficult for them to delegate. Organizers make up 25 percent of the population, with three-quarters being male. Other famous Organizers: Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Martha Stewart, Warren Buffett.


• Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft: Advisors employ firm, formal and deliberate word choices to emphasize their conviction in their beliefs. When leading others, they tend to prioritize their own values and judgement over hard data. Advisors make up just 10 percent of the population and are more typically (75 percent) male. Other famous Advisors: Tim Cook, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Meg Whitman, Jørgen Vig Knudstorp.


Travis Kalanick, former CEO, Uber: Doers’ word choices tend to reflect their preference for action over planning. As leaders, they are also known for their charisma and short bursts of intense action. Doers account for 5 percent of the population, with just over half (60 percent) being male. Other famous Doers: Donald Trump, Mark Cuban and Richard Branson.

Read more, including examples of “Connectors” (Marissa Mayer, Laura Bush) and “Originals” (Mark Zuckerberg, Evan Spiegel) in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Mattersight did not identify any famous leaders who fall into the “Dreamers” category.


          1. I can agree on that dude. You might also want to acknowledge the vast corruption through the Obama administration, with the goal of getting a more despicable Hillary elected. Drain the swamp…completely.

    1. I’m all for Tim Cook’s expedition to the nearest galaxy. Tim Cook meets all the criteria as ambassador from Earth. Bon voyage, Timmy, good luck and God speed your journey.

  1. I wonder what category Steve Jobs would fall under. It’s pretty amazing with such a large population that there was no indication of famous dreamers. They probably have left the country, after all the place is a real stars and skidmarks nightmare from the looks of it.

    1. Humans love to categorize. It makes the process of deciding easier – buy or not, like or hate, etc.

      People like Steve Jobs defy categorization, unless you count “genius” or “visionary” as one of the categories. He was an Organizer, Advisor, Doer, and much more. He blended the pieces into a more effective whole. Visionaries cannot be effective if they limit themselves to a single strategy.

      With respect to Doers, please keep in mind that you might not like what they are doing, or intend to do. They may, indeed, get something done. Sometimes, however, we would be better off it certain Doers…didn’t.

      1. Lovely post though I take a mild exception to your comment “Humans love to categorize.”

        Most humans do, but there is a subset of humans that tend to rely a lot more on connections than categorical rules and regulations. Unfortunately this is often overlooked since those from this subset are 7 or under.

  2. President Trump is indeed a doer. Another word for Tim Cook: Caretaker. May Apple get a visionary genius CEO again someday.

    Most Dem/Lib/Progs fall into the “dreamer” category. All “feelings” and very little rational thought. They do nonsensical things like blame the NRA, which represents lawful firearms owners, for a mental defective who was visited by police some 30 times, who was identified to the FBI which then completely dropped the ball, and who was allowed to keep shooting children and teachers because the local police deputy on scene was close to retirement and pussied out of doing his job.

    Along with the mentally deranged Nikolas Cruz, the FBI and local police force are responsible for the Parkland school massacre, not an inanimate object or a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the Second Amendment.

    I’ve taken the PCM test. I’m also a “Doer.” Which is probably why I bought another Colt AR-15 and a new Ruger SR-556 this morning simply to support the firearms industry and to exercise my Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

    Colt AR15A4

    Ruger SR-556

    On the PCM, Steve Jobs was a Rebel. Rebel is a very creative person who tends to find solutions in situations when others see only problems. He is spontaneous, playful and able to turn a boring task into a game. Rebel reacts to people and things with likes and dislikes. He is a source of positive energy and enthusiasm for others and is therefore gladly invited to numerous gatherings.


    1. What Well Regulated Militia are you a Part of?

      The Commander in Chief blocked Vote Vets on Twitter- it is a non partisan group of Veterans. Exactly why did Draft Dodger Trump do that? What is he afraid of more: Robert Mueller- a decorated Vietnam Vet or the American citizens he is paid to serve?

    2. Oh great!
      So after lecturing folk here about not telling other folk what to think and to keep on subject, you then troll #loadsmoreguns like a veteran asshole whilst puffing an ego trip “I’m a doer too” association_with_Trump joint.
      There is no catagory for you I can see. NASA needs a ‘Blowhard!’ type for rejects.

    3. Rationale people are not blaming the NRA for the shooter’s actions. No one can prevent every nutcase from doing something bad. However, that does not mean that the NRA is without culpability, because the shooter’s violence was magnified through the use of a semi-automatic firearm. If the assailant has used a package of C-4 explosive, instead, then I wonder if you would question legislative actions to attempt to reduce access to high explosives? Or bioagents? Or poisons? What do guns deserve such special treatment relative to their potential for wounding and killing people?

      The NRA bears blame because of its long-standing policy of obstructing and deflecting any government legislation promoting the prudent and logical management of firearm ownership in the U.S. Not only that, but the NRA has also paid for legislation that prohibits the U.S. government from funding studies on gun violence. Then the NRA turns around and disingenuously asks, “Where is the data?” After every mass shooting, the NRA preemptively begins accusing everyone else of using that event for political reasons, even as it is doing so itself. And the NRA continues to stand by the idea that the only solution to gun violence is even more guns. It boggles the logical mind.

      The NRA now says that we should protect our schools like we do banks and such. Not that great an idea if you consider that the FBI statistics list 4,091 bank robberies in the U.S. in 2016. Perhaps the banks do not have enough guns? Or, just perhaps, guns are not a foolproof deterrence to criminals and persons of a violent nature?

      Fwhatever, you need to get a clue.

      1. “The NRA now says that we should protect our schools like we do banks and such. Not that great an idea if you consider that the FBI statistics list 4,091 bank robberies in the U.S. in 2016. Perhaps the banks do not have enough guns?”

        Your post is chock full of NRA fiction. But the above stood out for several reasons. The bank statistics are misleading. I live in a small city in a rural mountainous area.

        I don’t know one bank in a 50 mile radius that has an armed guard. And yes, in the last five years there have been several robberies a year. So much for your misleading comment.

        “Or, just perhaps, guns are not a foolproof deterrence to criminals and persons of a violent nature?”

        Or, just perhaps you educate yourself on the full story and realize, yes, guns are the MOST foolproof deterrence to criminals, f*ck their nature …

    4. So you bought 2 assault rifles that you didn’t need, simply to support the rifle industry and to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights. Another thing you did was pretty much gave the middle finger to those victims of the latest mass shooting. As a NZer, I just simply don’t get it. What are you going to use the weapon for? I know it is your right to do so, but what is the point of it all? Do you hunt? I would think a bolt action rifle with a scope would be better for that. Do they just sit in a cabinet or vault boosting your ego making you feel powerful, until you take them to a rifle range once in a while?

      1. I’ve an idea. To support the victims and their families, go out and beat up mental defectives! Kick the living shit outta them and feel good about it! That will make everybody feel better! Even the media, who loves nothing more than violence and dirty laundry to prop up their ratings!!!!

  3. Put another way..Trump may be a Doer but he’s not an Original, or an Adviser, Connector or a Dreamer…umm ok!
    He’s certainly in good company with Travis Kalanick.

      1. You are far too childishly literal, Fwhatever. You fail to comprehend that “Trump is not my President” means that Trump does not represent the ideals of the office or the ethics or morals of this country, as a whole.

        Sure, he won the Electoral College vote and he was sworn in. But, as much as it galls Trump (and humors me no end), he lost the popular vote by millions. And that is even given the organized Russian effort to promote Trump and disparage Clinton.

        Trump and other Republican politicians and supporters keep twisting the information from the investigation. First, just because there is no evidence that actual, cast votes were not change, that does not mean that it did not happen. Trump does not seem inclined to find out. Second, the big lie that Trump and others keep promoting is that the Russians had no influence on the election and the “outcome was not changed.” That is ridiculous! Given the massive campaign of disinformation and disparagement combined with Trump’s parallel activities during the election (colluding or not, he used that Russian information), how can anyone doubt that votes were changed by changing peoples’ minds before they reached the voting booth? My understanding is that 70,000 votes across a handful of states decided the electoral vote victory by Trump. Can you really state with any confidence that Russian influence in the 2016 campaign did not change that many votes, or more? No, you can’t. Not with any basis in fact.

      2. AC posts the same over and over and over. Yeah, I guess when you live in Australia, no sh*t Sherlock.

        I watched the CPAC speech live and one of his longest over an hour and he had fun and a ton of accomplishments to crow about … USA! USA! USA! 🇺🇸

  4. Steve Jobs was a dreamer.

    A significant portion of doers are psychotic. It doesn’t take much effort to see the disasters that self-proclaimed rock star doers leave in their wake.

    To be CEO or government official, there should probably be some mandatory nonbinding test so investors and voters could objectively see the personality of the candidates. I would never entrust a leadership role to anyone on the extreme of any one category. An effective leader needs to have above average ability in ALL personality traits at the same time, plus the humility to admit mistakes and course correct.

    Neither Cook nor MDN’s orange hero qualify.

  5. first of all Cook isn’t Jobs (who was a one a life time genius) but I don’t see anyone out there who can lead Apple today than Cook.

    still i find it worrisome if this is true : “prioritize their own values and judgement over hard data”

    surely a tech leader has to value ‘hard data’ ?.

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