Steve Jobs’ 1973 job application up for auction

“Before Steve Jobs dominated the tech industry, he was just a regular guy looking for a job,” Abrar Al-Heeti reports for CNET. “After dropping out of Reed College only six months after enrolling for the 1972 fall semester, he stuck around the Portland campus for a year and a half to audit courses on calligraphy, dance and Shakespeare.”

“In 1973, he filled out a job application for an unspecified position, which is now being auctioned by RR Auction,” Al-Heeti reports. “The company estimates its worth at more than $50,000.”

“The one-page application isn’t as put-together as one might expect from the man who co-founded Apple three years later. Under address, Jobs hand-wrote ‘reed college’ (lowercase). His major, ‘english, lit,’ also wasn’t capitalized,” Al-Heeti reports. “When asked about access to transportation, he wrote, ‘possible, but not probable.'”

“A Mac OS X technical manual signed by Jobs in 2001 will also be auctioned, as will a signed newspaper clipping from 2008 about Jobs speaking at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference,” Al-Heeti reports. “Those items are valued at more than $25,000 and $15,000, respectively.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “possible, but not probable.” Oh, Steve, you make us laugh!


  1. “Another thing I remember from Reed is being hungry: all the time. The cafeteria taught me quickly to be a vegetarian. And I didn’t have so much money so I would gather up Coke bottles for the five-cent deposits to buy food with.
    I discovered the cheapest way to eat was Roman meal cereal. It was invented by a Harvard history professor. He one day wondered what the Roman legions took with them to eat as they conquered and pillaged these villages. He found out through his research that it was Roman meal. And you could buy it at the local store and it’s the cheapest way to live. So, I lived for many months on Roman meal.
    Also several of us, after not eating for a few days, would hitchhike or walk the seven miles across town to the Hare Krishna temple on Sundays, where they would feed all comers. And we, through practice, discovered just the right moment to arrive after their particular religious practices and right before the food.”

    Excerpt From: Steve Jobs Bio: The Unauthorized Autobiography

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