CarrierCrack for Apple’s iOS 11 might soon become a reality

“iTweakiOS, the development team behind the well-received CarrierCrack tweak for jailbroken iOS 9 and iOS 10 devices, has confirmed that a miraculous comeback could be on the cards. In true phoenix from the flames style, we could be about to witness the rebirth of CarrierCrack with iOS 11 compatibility,” Paul Morris reports for Redmond Pie.

“Historical versions of CarrierCrack have proven to be extremely popular with a community which is largely frustrated by the limitations placed upon them by their carrier or network,” Morris reports. “When CarrierCrack was updated and released for iOS 10 in January 2017 its compatibility was limited to carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T in the United States, and brought with it functionality such as free tethering and hotspot, an unlocked APN settings menu, additional QoS settings for voice and data, and enhanced 3G+ speeds for GSM users.”

“Those using the tweak on T-Mobile and AT&T also experience greater all-around coverage and better signal,” Morris reports. “It’s for those reasons that we imagine a rebirth of CarrierCrack would be extremely beneficial and well-received by the community.”

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  1. After I remarked to my dad that this sounds wonkish and geeky, he said, “Tell your friends there (at MDN) to do an exit from the “Ina godda da vida baby.” Sounds Italian.

    1. Veering off topic:
      ‘In A Gadda Da Vida’ is a 1968 song by Iron Butterfly. Translated from LSD English in to Straight English, the title means “In The Garden Of Eden”.

      Whether or what the simple, repeating song lyrics actually have to do with the Garden Of Eden is up to interpretation. The best rendition I ever heard was on ‘The Simpsons’ when Bart swapped the song’s music sheet at his church.

      In a gadda da vida, honey
      Don’t you know that I’m lovin’ you
      In a gadda da vida, baby
      Don’t you know that I’ll always be true
      Oh, won’t you come with me
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      And walk this laaaaaand
      Please take my haaaaaand

  2. …”Of course, Cydia Substrate must be updated by Saurik first…”

    And therein is the main reason this CarrierCrack think will be of no consequence to anyone. The number of people who understand what the sentence above means has been steadily dwindling over the years, and the whole jailbreaking/Cydia community is a tiny shadow of its glorious past.

    Jailbreaking fans are now only those who do it because it can be done, and because they feel they are now in control of their device, and not Apple. Very few ordinary people (and not many more tech tinkerers) who might have the necessary skills to attempt it, are motivated at this point. There really isn’t any radical functionality that jailbroken devices offer that Apple hasn’t over the years, included in iOS.

    While jailbreaking may still exist as a process, it is largely gone as a movement.

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