Analyst: Apple’s repatriated cash ‘front and center’ tomorrow

“On the eve of the annual Apple shareholders meeting, investors look to Tim Cook for strategy and timing,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt writes for Apple 3.0.

P.E.D. reports on a note to clients by GBH Insights’ Daniel Ives, which includes the following snippets:

• This Tuesday Apple will be holding its annual shareholder meeting at the Steve Jobs Theater on its Cupertino campus with all eyes on Tim Cook and his strategic outlook for the coming year.

• The company’s massive war chest and $200 billion+ of repatriated cash is now front and center for the Street as investors hope to get some further tea leaves on Apple’s cash strategy/timing as well as product vision for 2018 at this week’s highly anticipated shareholder meeting.

Read more in the full note here.

MacDailyNews Take: Did someone say “special cash dividend?”

We’ll see, but we usually don’t find out details of Apple’s capital return program changes until late April.early May with fiscal Q2 results.


  1. At the last earnings conferance call, both Tim And Luca mentioned that the cash plan will be revealed at the next earning conferance call.

    I dont recall them saying they will reveal anything at shareholders meeting. …

  2. Don’t count on a special cash dividend to the likes that Microsoft had. Rather, count on Apple raising dividend yield again to around $.75 a share from the current $.63 a share.

    This is another nice bump that will keep investors onboard and others coming onboard.

    It can also be called “Look at what I’m doing with this hand, while not noticing what I’m doing with the other….”

    That’s a nice increase, but a slow rise over time in terms of payout, something the companies growth can certainly keep pace with.

    So the question will then remain, what WILL Apple do with all that cash?

    I can only hope Apple does with it, that other tech companies cannot. Apple could get that Boeing low earth orbit satellite system up and running, buyout Tesla and get that company figuring out how to make more than 15 Model S vehicles a month!… Sheesh…

  3. not sure where he gets a repatriation of $200 B, and a buyback of $300 B.

    Apple stated that $163 B in cash after debt. (I suppose they will repatriate 200 in order to pay off the debt – but that still is a bit off the mark.)

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