Apple could launch a slew of new devices next month

“Apple could deliver its first new devices of 2018 next month,” Killian Bell reports for Cult of Mac. “A new report claims the company is gearing up to launch a new iPhone, iPad and MacBook in March. We’ll have to wait longer for an Apple Watch Series 4, however.”

“Career Technology, E&R Engineering, ShunSin Technology and Superior Plating Technology are seeing increasing orders for new devices coming next month,” Bell reports. “Superior Plating Technology in particular will enjoy ‘sizable’ orders from Apple for new iPhone, iPad and MacBook components, Digitimes reports. All three devices are expected to make their debuts ‘starting in March 2018.'”

Bell reports, “The only iPhone that Apple would refresh this early in the year is iPhone SE, but a new model isn’t expected until mid-2018.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’d love to see iPad updates that drop the Home button and Touch ID for a TrueDepth Camera system and Face ID.

Of course, we can’t wait to see what Appel does with MacBooks this year!


      1. For me… with sort of moist hands and fingers.. face id is god sent relief..
        plus; think about it… they dont realy have to go fully edge to edge… and given the larger ipad scale maybe the notch can be fully fitted in the bazel.

  1. Color-RED Apple TV remote!
    New HomePod Mini!! (announced)
    Diamond-studded Apple Watch bands!!!
    Environmentally responsible MacBook sleeves!!!!

    (I’ve learned to keep my expectations low….)

  2. New hardware to replace 5400 rpm disc drives and Haswell chips? An indication that Apple actually has a plan to sunset Thunderbolt 2? Batteries that last a full day under real world usage? Multiple sizes of standalone displays up to 30″ that match iMac display calibration and specs? These would be revolutionary under Cook’s Apple.

    Unfortunately I expect it is more likely that instead of doing anything for Apple, Ive is working on aluminium easter egg designs for an upcoming billionaire spring lamb and bunny festival de transhumance. Also featuring Ahrendts as little Bo Peep.

  3. I’m not a hater (bough more aapl stock on the dip Friday) but I would like to see more ‘coherent’ strategies from Apple. Planning seems to be ‘confused’.

    I’ll use the Mac for example:

    – there are gaps in the line : the entry level mini (which used to be a bestseller before they sealed the box and killed the quad core) is not upgraded , the best selling Macbook Pro still doesn’t have a 32 GB version, the MP is missing etc. They are STILL touting the really superseded Cylinder Mac Pro as their flag ship pro machine on their webpage (they actually had Aperture on that page for years after it was discontinued).

    – Confusion. The line up which used to be extremely clear is now confusing, for example the Macbook Air which is supposed to be ‘lighter’ and minimalistic has MORE PORTS than the Mac book !
    One major thing Jobs did when he got into his second tenure was to clean up the product line to make it clear as consumers love clarity: confusion often results in a non sale (or worse a misguided sale that leads to consumer dissatisfaction : “Hey I shouldn’t have bought the Macbook, I didn’t know the Air has the ports I need !”. )
    Lines should be clear : Entry, mid level, executive and ‘truck’ Pro.

    – the lack of coherence is also seen in the confusing marketing strategies. You’ve got no Mac ads not even cheap web ads ( in spite of Mac being Apple’s second largest hardware money maker, makes more than iPad). Apple’s brand seem to be ‘diluted’ with mis-mash of ads, You’ve got ads with stars like ‘the Rock’ and then no follow up (ads which are completely different from other Apple ads.. ) . Also there are no tie in marketing between products , for example to get (the many more) iPhone users to buy Macs etc . Christmas was a monstrously important quater but Apple marketing (to me an ex marketing guy) seemed strangely muted, ZERO attempt to sell Macs as gifts . Etc.

    — integration between products need to be improved. Eg: For pros Trying to move complicated stuff from Macs into iPads is not easy.

    — Gaps also exist in other products : like when launched the iPad Pro had no pencils in stock (one of the biggest features) and the HomePod now has features not activated (waiting for updates) etc.

    1. Yeah, and if Apple tried to do everything everybody is clamoring for, then focus would be lessened on things like the OS. Then the people that wanted more from the hardware would scream that the software sucks.

      Apple has more engineers today, working on more projects, than ever before.

      Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.

  4. The March event will likely be a low-end event. We will likely see an SE 2, a new low end iPad, and a new McBook (with a new lower intro price and the MacBook Air discontinued). We may also see iOS 11.3 and AirPlay 2 in March. New iPad Pros, Mac Pros, and a Series 4 Watch won’t come until later in the year.

      1. Will it be able to recognize me if I am horizontal other than a very important part which is vertical…?

        (yes, I am leaving myself wide open for obvious comebacks…)

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