Stanford scientists invent AI that can predict death with up to 90% accuracy

“Humans today live a lot longer than they used to. That’s great news, but as modern medical advances are giving patients second chances at living normal lives, end-of-life care continues to be a difficult thing to plan,” Mike Wehner reports for BGR. “Forecasting when someone will die is an extremely challenging and often uncomfortable thing, but Stanford researchers have trained an AI to be able to predict death with incredible accuracy, and it could revolutionize end-of-life care for patients who are reaching their ends.”

“The goal is to better match patient (and family) wishes with an accurate timeline of an individuals final months, weeks, and days, while affording them the opportunity to plan ahead for the inevitable,” Wehner reports. “The work is titled Improving Palliative Care with Deep Learning, and it’s currently available online.”

“Inaccurate predictions from doctors can create unwanted consequences, such as patients spending their final days in a hospital ward rather than at home, surrounded by loved ones,” Wehner reports. “By removing the human predictive element from the equation — which may be influenced by emotion and optimism — the algorithm takes a calculated look at the data and makes a call based on facts. The result is a much more accurate prediction of death that allows the patient and their family to plan for the best, most comfortable send-off.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Dude, you’ve been EOL’ed. Cheerio, ol’ chap!


  1. “By removing the human predictive element from the equation…”
    By removing doctors suggesting extremely expensive options that really don’t help but makes the hospital lots a money.

  2. I should have kicked off from whooping cough at 5 maybe. Then appendix at 26. Then Vietnam. Then spinal fusion surgery. Then 3 months ago from heart. I don’t think I have more than maybe 8-10 years. Who knows? Just be ready.

    1. So enjoy every moments you have left. Oh I saw on Dr.OH show today, there is proof of heaven according to doctors who survived death experienced. 🌼😀🌻

  3. A 51 yo friend of mine had a near fatal stroke 2 years ago, 40% of his brain destroyed. Luckily, it did not damage his cognitive process except affect disinhibition which can lead to some interesting statements and has brought back some deeply buried memories which have given him a greater understanding of self at the cost understanding some others – their loss his gain. He has also lost half the sight in each eye so is now seriously sight impaired, and has serious left sided paralysis. Life is 100% dangerous.

  4. Great news for some maybe, but I don’t want to be working at 80 and retirement is no longer an option for a growing number including the so called middle class.
    The sooner the reaper comes the better. (Living to work not working to live)

  5. FYI – the statement that humans live much longer now is misleading. According to medical researchers I’ve read, we don’t (and we tend to be sicker in our old age with rampant Type 2 diabetes, etc). The median age is higher largely because the introduction of vaccinations has greatly reduced infant mortality (just a fact – not a final word on the good and the areas of concern for many regarding vaccinations).

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