Microsoft Office for Mac updated with real-time collaboration, auto cloud saving, and more

Microsoft on Thursday “announced a major update for Office 2016 for Mac,” Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac. “The update brings the app to version 16 and includes new features for Microsoft’s entire suite of applications.”

“Most notably, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for Mac now include support for real-time editing,” Miller reports. “Users will now see a thumbnail in the upper-right corner of the apps when they’re working with someone else on a shared document.”

“Furthermore, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint now include automatically saving for documents stored in the cloud,” Miller reports. “In conjunction with shared files, you can also see the updates others make instantly, while you can also roll back to previous versions with version history.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: More proof that Apple’s Mac is indomitable!

Microsoft’s release notes for Office 2016 for Mac are here.


  1. Forgive me as I stifle a yawn over a Microsoft Office product. The only real reason to upgrade for most is when the operating system is no longer compatible. I’d still be happy with Word 5.1a if it could work with El Capitan to High Sierra.

    Too many adequate software packages are made obsolete by virtue of the fact they are no longer supported by a current OS. Your mileage may vary.

  2. „One codebase for all platforms“ exactly means: slow like a snail even on a very fast MacBook Pro 2016. Shame on you, Microsoft.

    Apple: Please let Tim and his crowd know, we pro users still wait for the stolen features to come back in Pages, like mail merge, etc.

  3. Microsoft Office never had the greatest UI but now it’s like they have a contest going on at MS to see how bad they can make it and still sell millions worth of this crap.

    1. I can do pivot tables on the Mac the same as in Windows, perhaps it’s just the type of tables I built. However, I do really want pivot charts on the Mac version of Excel.

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