Apple hiring for work from home positions

“If you want a solid Apple discount and want to work from home, there’s a job with Apple you can apply to right now,” Heather Leighton reports for The Houston Chronicle.

“The tech company announced online that it is looking for full-time employees to work as AppleCare at-home advisers and managers, who are customer service providers that help in technical support of Apple products, including the iPhones, iPads and MacBooks,” Leighton reports. “‘If you love exploring the ways technology helps you do all your favorite things, you’ll probably be great at sharing your knowledge with others,’ the job listing reads. ‘That’s what you’ll do every day as an Apple At Home Advisor. And with each customer conversation you have, it becomes clear: You’re not just supporting technology. You’re supporting people.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good luck, applicants!


  1. Actually it would be satisfying to assist various customers in getting things going, sure your going to encounter some people that can walk and chew gum at the same time and could be frustrating, but most people will be really appreciative of getting them going or resolving your problem.

    There will probably be some level of screening before one of these people take a call too.. They are probably not going to get calls that would probably ultimately require hardware repairs.

  2. I will admit that customer service isn’t a job for me, but the ONLY company I would do it for is Apple. And, I’d HAVE TO work DIRECTLY with Apple to do it. I wouldn’t do it for a contractor to Apple.

    I’d probably get fired within weeks because I’d say something like this to a perplexed customer:

    “yes, I’ve had that same problem myself. It makes sense only to the egghead programers in Cupertino, let me show you the screwball thing that you have to do to get out of that”. 🙂

    1. It is very simple to solve a “pebkac” error: show some empathy for the user. Walt Mossberg basically built a career saying “computer interfaces suck and it isn’t your fault”.

      For every stupid thing user does, there are 20 stupid things that programers do. The top of the list:

      Abort, cancel or retry.

      or how about this?

      unplug an ethernet cable from windows computer or turn off the wifi and try to log in to a corporate website. You’d think that the computer, in 2018, could detect it a disconnected computer. I just had this experience in a client’s office where someone had unplugged a desktop computer from the network, plugged their laptop in, and afterwards did not re-plug in the ethernet to the desktop computer that I was trying to use. Sounds simple doesn’t it? But it wasted 30 minutes of my time trying to figure this out.

      1. it was actually abort, retry, or fail.

        for those who don’t remember this error was common if you left the floppy disk door open. Most of the time even closing the door and pressing retry didn’t work. depending on what you were doing, leaving the disk door open resulted in a program restart and data loss. I stopped using floppies in the early 90s. I remember the last time I got some data on a floppy, the client said I’ve had those disks around for a long time, I thought I’d give them to you, please email the project back. I had a old computer with a floppy drive in it, I booted it up copied the floppies to the network and threw them out. good riddance. 🙂

        At one point I installed a program consisting of 72 floppies. Installation took 10 hours. I thought I was going to have an easy friday, instead I was late for date. good riddance floppy drives.

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