Apple sues French tax activists who occupied Paris retail store

“Apple has filed a lawsuit against the Attac activist group after about 100 of its supporters occupied the tech giant’s flagship store in Paris last month, protesting alleged ‘wide-scale tax evasion’ by the firm,” AFP reports.

“An Apple spokesman told AFP on Thursday that while it respected the group’s right to expression, its recent actions had ‘put the security of our customers and employees at risk,'” AFP reports. “It is seeking 3,000 euros ($3,600) from Attac, or the Association for the Taxation of Financial Transactions and Aid to Citizens, and a court order barring the group from staging further protests in its stores, for which they would face a penalty of 150,000 euros.”

“Attac staged a sit-in at Apple’s grandiose Opera store on December 2, demanding the US technology giant pay billions of euros the EU says it owes in back taxes. They blocked the store for several hours on a busy pre-Christmas Saturday, leaving only after they were assured of a meeting with management,” AFP reports. “The company said it had met with representatives on December 18 and asked them to refrain from further actions because of security concerns.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good.

Apple follows the law in each country in which the company operates, including France.


    1. … Apple should hire a boatload of British hooligans and German skinheads to guard their stores. Heck, they’d kick those French sissies asses just for the fun of it.

    2. Yesterday someone posted a rebuttal to botvinnik. He must have whined to his big brothers at politics daily news to ban someone who called him out for his hate speech.

      How telling that the asswipes on this site would choose to keep displaying botvinnik’s racist post.

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    1. That’s so that the government has enough to pay them as progressive, socialist countries do. They probably have iPhones because of government hand outs in most of the EU countries.

    2. Perhaps someone who is forced to pay 30 – 45% of his income paying taxes while some foreign corporation is allowed to set up shop, launder their income through a series of shell companies, and pay about 1.5% taxes to Ireland for sales that occurred in France.

      Perhaps you breibart afficianados can explain to us all how that is a sustainable economic model. You cheer for corporatism while the middle class slides slowly but constantly into poverty. Well distracted by cheap shiny technology and social media, but increasingly working dead end jobs and accruing huge debt for expensive housing, expensive education, and insanely expensive healthcare. As long as Apple enriches itself, that’s all that matters, right? Well that and more dead end coal mining jobs for the peasants.

  1. Actually, no, Apple and many other multinational corporations use legally questionable methods including transfer accounting and byzantine web of companies in tax havens and low tax regimes designed specifically to off-shore profits and avoid paying tax.
    Companies like Apple want all the rights, benefits and privileges of operating in advanced first world nations without feeling any need to contribute to the society they operate within.
    I’m very please, however, that the Australian Taxation Office is cracking down on these practices and the Government is amending laws to close loopholes in tax law which allow this unconscionable tax avoidance to occur.

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