Opera adds Bitcoin-mining blocker to its browser

“Norwegian browser maker Opera has launched the beta version of Opera 50, the first popular browser to integrate a built-in cryptocurrency-mining blocker,” Liam Tung reports for ZDNet.

“The feature offers a new defense against the rise of cryptojacking or browser-based cryptocurrency miners that use a site visitor’s CPU without gaining the owner’s consent,” Tung reports. “Crooks are increasingly hiding JavaScript miners on compromised websites and some have taken to deploying sneaky pop-under windows to continue using a CPU even after the victim has left the site, while groups using fake tech support scams have started integrating JavaScript miners into their bogus security-warning browser lockscreens. ‘Your CPU suddenly working at 100 percent capacity, the fan is going crazy for seemingly no reason, and your battery quickly depleting might all be signs that someone is using your computer to mine for cryptocurrency,’ said Opera.”

“In the beta at least, the NoCoin option is enabled by default,” Tung reports. “The feature works by blocking cryptocurrency mining scripts.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: This is more about mining for Monero cryptocurrency than Bitcoin, but, regardless, have you been hit by cryptojacking?

Persistent drive-by cryptomining coming to a browser near you – Jérôme Segura, Malwarebytes, November 29, 2017


  1. While I’ve made posts related to this topic a long long time ago they have been removed so all I seem to be able to say is that there is a way to turn off Java Script in Safari. It’s a feature, totally legal in many countries but I don’t be able to be able to put the details on how to do it on this site without having my posts removed. I have no clue what MDN has to hide, but folks it can be done so check it out and check out the difference it makes on this site, and others.

    It brings back the surfing on the net, not the clog of adds and other crap that seems to be on the net these days.

    Opera is doing a good move, I’m glad that the browser is going.

      1. You are definitely correct, a lot of sites won’t work or give you a notice that javascript is required for their sites. You have to gauge the response for every site.

        On the other hand, well a lot of sites do work without the added bells and whistles (and often the adds) and especially as you pointed out, everything is a lot faster, making it a pleasant experience for a lot of sites.

  2. well sites like MDN don’t want people to know how to disable java script because of that fact, pages load faster/smoother and most of the ADs if not all disapear.

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