Plex Labs introduces Plexamp music player for Mac

Plex Labs is taking the wraps off a project called Plexamp today.

“It’s likely to appeal to anyone who uses, or has considered using, Plex for music,” Elan Feingold writes for Medium. “Literally the only requirement we had was ‘small;’ Plex has plenty of bigger apps already, but nothing that sits unobtrusively on a desktop, beguiling and delighting. We even forced ourselves to limit the design to a single simple window.”

“It’s either amazing or crazy (probably a bit of both) that the app comprises multiple Electron processes, a player server process (for being remotely controlled), and the MPD player process, while managing to present a semblance of a whole,” Feingold writes. “And ignoring the fact that it’s probably the smallest Plex player (by pixel size), it still has rich functionality!”


Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Unfortunately, as Apple Music members, we’re fairly wedded to the bloated iTunes on the Mac.

If you’d like to give Plexamp a whirl, more info and download link here.


  1. I have a MAC mini that is an exclusive RoonServer and it the finest music player ever made Bar None!!! iTunes can’t hold Roon’s jock…..which now they finally see the light in bringing programming to the box that is called AppleTV…..they really start to see how Roon’s only two years in the market place will become a dominant force because they have a great community there where customers interact with questions and suggestions that Roon’s creators actually listen to…..what a concept?.

  2. Another satisfied Roon user here.

    Roon handles ALL your music from Mp3s to MQA and everything in between; the Metadata they provide is fantastic; and it sounds better than iTunes.

    Good luck Plex.

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