Nomad Sport Strap silicone Apple Watch band is perfect for fitness freaks

“While many Apple Watch bands put fashion front and center, the Nomad Sport Strap embraces the wearable’s exercise potential,” Lewis Wallace writes for Cult of Mac. “This wide, black silicone strap makes the Apple Watch look less like a smartwatch and more like a hard-core fitness tracker.”

“When you’re wearing the Nomad Sport Strap, you really won’t see [Apple Watch’s] corners,” Wallace writes. “The sport band measures nearly as wide as the Apple Watch itself where its sturdy lugs lock it into place.”

“Unlike many other bands, the Nomad Sport Strap’s connector is part of the band. That means you can wear it with any color Apple Watch casing. (Unfortunately, this band only comes in the 42mm size),” Wallace writes. “The Nomad silicone band is U.V.- and water-resistant, so the strap won’t fade over time. I’ve been wearing mine off and on for months, and don’t notice any difference at all. It remains as rugged and resilient as the first day I strapped it onto my wrist.”

Nomad Vulcanized LSR Silicone Apple Watch Strap
Nomad Vulcanized LSR Silicone Apple Watch Strap

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MacDailyNews Take: While we love our Apple Watch Nike+ bands, this one is intriguing. We’re going to give it a try!


  1. As this. Is my first Apple Watch, I bought a lot of straps. Different colors and materials to look just so. Eventually after the glass screen came off and was replaced, I settled on a slim black case and an Amazon black silicon strap. It looks ok, but mostly, I don’t need to worry so much about damaging it and going through all that again.
    I love my series 3, and don’t want nothing to happen to it. As long as works and stays working, that’s the most important thing for me now.

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