iPhone X running iOS 11.2.1 successfully jailbroken

“Security researchers at Alibaba’s Pandora Labs have successfully jailbroken the iPhone X on iOS 11.2.1,” iClarified reports. “The news comes following the group’s untethered jailbreak of iOS 11.2.”

“‘[Jailbreaking] is a very technical challenge and a peak for every iOS security researcher trying to climb,’ says Long Lei, a security researcher who has reported seven vulnerabilities to Apple,” iClarified reports. “Song Yang, head of Ali Secure Pandora Laboratories, says compared to other jailbreak in the past two years, Pandora Lab’s jailbreak is ‘perfect.'”

iClarified reports, “While this jailbreak is unlikely to see public release, we’re hopeful that the recent exploits released by Ian Beer will lead to jailbreak for iOS 11.1.2.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: This will, of course, lead to iOS getting even more secure in future versions!


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