“Apple has long had partnered with Shazam to power Siri’s song identification service, but now the Cupertino giant has confirmed that it is buying the company outright for a cool $400 million, a relative bargain in today’s tech dollars,” Michael Simon writes for Macworld. “On the surface, a Shazam purchase ensures that Siri will always be able to recognize the song you’re listening to and will provide a boost to Apple Music, but I think Apple has much bigger plans for the service.”

“Like everything else Apple seems to be doing now, it’s about augmented reality and machine learning,” Simon writes. “And it could be the thing that finally puts Siri back at the front of the pack.”

“It’s not just Siri on our phones: AirPods, HomePod, and Apple Watch could benefit from Shazam’s uncanny ability to name that tune,” Simon writes. “But where Shazam could really help Siri’s ears is with HomePod. Apple wants its new home speaker to “reinvent home music,” but if all it does is sound good, that’s hardly revolutionary. If Apple could leverage its Shazam acquisition to build some serious smarts into HomePod, it could be a difference maker.”

“Apple is poised to leap into the AI and AR worlds with both feet, and Shazam could be the perfect technology to vaults them back to the head of the class,” Simon writes. “And if not, well, at least Siri will be better than Assistant and Cortana at ID’ing songs.”

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MacDailyNews Take: $400 million is petty cash for Apple and, obviously, the company has identified elements of value within Shazam. We all know by now that Apple’s uh… having some issues with HomePod. Even if all this acquisition does is virtually guarantee that Siri plays the music you want on your HomePod(s) when you want it, it’s a no-brainer acquisition.

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