Apple’s iPhone X ship times improve to 1 week

“iPhone X shipping estimates continue to improve rapidly from Apple. Following estimates dropping to 1-2 weeks last week, Apple today has refreshed estimates to show a common delivery date of December 8th, meaning you’ll get your device one week after you order,” Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac.

“Apple has done an excellent job of improving iPhone X production and working alongside production partners and suppliers to do so,” Miller reports. “There was doubt about the iPhone X’s availability through the crucial holiday shopping season, but that has seemingly become a non-issue.”

“Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities last week released an investor note in which he attributed the iPhone X’s quickly improving demand to Apple’s work with suppliers,” Miller reports. “As we explained: ‘The analyst says that Hon Hai’s shipments of iPhone X units have climbed to 440,000 to 550,000 units per day. That’s up dramatically from the 50,000 to 100,000 being shipped per day just 1-2 months ago.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: 550,000 iPhone X units per day?! No wonder there’s nobody left in China to assemble HomePods in time for Christmas!


    1. Well King I am sure that they didn’t devise it just to sell to you, there are other people in this world it may amaze you to know. Have you planned to buy ALL those other products by the way? I suspect not.

    2. What a life! King Whine sarcastically whining about a product he doesn’t need.

      There are many, many phones and computers in the world. Why not go and buy some that you like. Surely there’s SOMETHING!

  1. Half a million devices per day? That would be an amazing production rate for any phone, but it’s absolutely incredible for a super-premium $1,000 phone.

    Don’t forget that this level of production is does not need to be sustained indefinitely and Apple will trim the levels of production as Christmas approaches and then pretty well stop production during the Chinese New Year. Therefore orders for components to be delivered in January will be reduced accordingly, so when you start hearing alarmist reports about Apple having to reduce orders for iPhone X components, it’s not that the sky is falling due to lack of demand, it’s simply what happens every year.

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