“It’s time for Apple to expand beyond the MacBook and MacBook Pro,” Jason Snell writes for Macworld. “It’s time for the first iOS laptop.”

“When the Smart Keyboard is engaged, at a glance the iPad Pro already looks like a strange laptop,” Snell writes. “The problem with the iPad Pro is that it’s literally not a laptop: You can’t comfortably set it in your lap and get work done.”

“This year I’ve been using my iPad Pro with the Brydge keyboard, a Bluetooth keyboard with two clamps that turn the iPad Pro into something that looks an awful lot like a laptop — albeit one with no trackpad,” Snell writes. “My year spent with this keyboard has convinced me that an iOS laptop would have appeal to a lot of people. ‘

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MacDailyNews Take: We’d love to see such a product just as soon as Apple proves they are able to get all of their existing products updated regularly, some of which have been languishing for years, and also get delayed products like HomePod out the door. For now, the Brydge keyboard is an excellent solution for those who want a “laptop” that runs iOS.

Remember, to turn the iOS keyboard into a trackpad, just hold two fingers down on the on-screen keyboard for a second. The characters on your keys will disappear as the keyboard turns into a touchpad. Slide your two fingers around to move the resulting cursor.