iPhone X now ships in 2-3 weeks from Apple Online Store

“The availability of iPhone X continues to improve,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac.

“he Apple Online Store is now reporting 2-3 week delivery estimates for new iPhone X orders, across both Space Gray and Silver colors on all carriers,” Mayo reports. “Reports indicated that iPhone X supply would be improving throughout November, after the initial production holdups, and that is certainly corroborated here.”

“If you are still waiting for your order to arrive, it’s probably best to sit tight,” Mayo reports. “We keep hearing from readers with orders that originally promised December shipments that they were being brought forward.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, as we reported earlier, MacDailyNews readers have also been telling us of having their iPhone X shipment dates moved up!

It looks like Apple’s production ramp is going better than expected!


  1. Mine delivers today! 2 days ago it fell off the radar for tracking. Apple Store app would not show me my orders. Then yesterday, UPS started logging again..plane had “mechanical failure”…then it finally left China. Was fun tracking the plane! Didn’t think it would make it today..was in China yesterday..but it’s out for delivery! Wife better freaking answer the door, lol.

    My brother had a Dec delivery date. His (2) arrive tomorrow.

    1. Apple seems to often give a very late delivery date and then it shows up much earlier so then look like heroes. Better than the other way around. Got mine on Nov. 3rd and still loving it.

      1. No, Apple does not do that to look like heroes. What it does is under promise and over deliver, that’s good business practice or would you rather have it the other way, to over promise and under deliver?

        1. I agree. If Apple promises optimistic delivery dates and fails to deliver by even a day or two, then the outrage would likely cause an internet meltdown. So, Apple pads the predicted delivery dates with margin to cover a wide range of variables and uncertainties. Typically, that results in early deliveries and pleasantly surprised customers. This has been true for many years…no surprise to the veterans on this forum. As you say, it is good business practice.

      2. I disagree, Fesarius. Apple is not trying to look like a hero. Apple is trying to avoid looking like an incompetent goat along with the hyperbolic derision that would accompany delayed deliveries of a new Apple product.

  2. So much for the inflated angst over iPhone X production delays! How many times do we have to go through this. Some analyst or pundit tosses out a warning about production delays, component supplier rumors, etc., and the internet lights up with doom and gloom predictions for Apple.

    Guess what? Armageddon was avoided once again. The iPhone X initial release is proceeding much as you would expect for a new Apple product release, and the world is still spinning.

    Don’t let people upset your equilibrium with FUD and fear mongering. Most of them are simply seeking eyeballs and clicks to boost their reputation and earn more money. Rumors are rumors. Facts are facts. And the truth is generally revealed over time. While Apple is not perfect by any means, I have found that Apple succeeds far more often than it fails, and even its failures are often not too bad. As a result, I am willing to give Apple some time to work things out when it occasionally drops the ball. That is not complacency, is is practicality.

    Speculating on new Apple products and debating the features (good and bad) of existing Apple products can be lots of fun…some of the best times that I have had on this forum, in fact. Don’t let people take that away from us.

    1. There have been dozens of FUD reports on the iPhone X production delays. Like many here our phones were delivered well ahead of schedule.
      Overall Apple is the master of new product releases, especially for the phones. They’ve messed up on the iMac last year but generally have done a fantastic job. No other company can managed shipping complex instruments in the volume that occurs for iPhones. Whilst Samsung ship larger amounts most of the phones are older low end models with no large spike in demand.

  3. My problem isn’t Apple’s capacity to produce
    It’s UPS ability to deliver
    . It is taking multiples of the time to get the X for the last 5 miles over what it took to get it from Asia to the west coast of NA . This my third day of it’s in the truck and coming today and it never makes it . Staring to think someone at UPS is enjoying a free X

  4. Ordered on launch day at launch time and I’m still waiting on mine.
    It’s going to be two more weeks. It’s kind of bulls#!t that someone could order one today and have it about the same time I’ll get mine when I ordered on October 27. NOT HAPPY about that. First world problems, I know, but not the experience I wanted.

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