Apple’s next-gen iPad Pro slated to get redesign with Face ID capability, next-gen Apple Pencil support

“Apple Inc. is working on a redesigned, high-end iPad for as early as 2018 that incorporates key iPhone X features such as slimmer edges and facial recognition, according to people familiar with the matter,” Mark Gurman and Alex Webb report for Bloomberg. “The new version of the tablet is unlikely to include an OLED screen.”

“At least one new iPad model with a screen size similar to the 10.5-inch iPad Pro is planned to include Face ID for unlocking the device, making payments, and sending animated emojis,” Gurman and Webb report. “The feature would replace the iPad home button that has come with a fingerprint scanner since 2014, one of the people said. The updated tablet is expected to be released later next year, a little more than a year after the last major iPad Pro upgrade, the people said.”

“The new version will mark the first revamped look for the iPad since the first iPad Pro debuted in 2015,” Gurman and Webb report. “Like the iPhone X, the new iPad is expected to include a faster processor and a custom Apple graphics processing unit, one of the people said. Apple is also preparing a new version of its Apple Pencil stylus and new software tools for using the stylus, the person said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Bring it on and spare us the kludgey you-know-what, please! Just put it in the bezel where it belongs.


  1. Presumably by then, iOS will allow FaceID to recognize multiple faces in your family and when it does, allows individual customization of apps, etc. That would be the next step for me.

  2. Display mate just rated the iPhone X screen as “perfect”. After my experience with it, I agree with that assessment. First mobile display they’ve rated with near perfect color reproduction, that’s kind of amazing, as the previous champ was the iPhone lcd.

        1. Windows Hello has a lot of trouble when there’s too much light around. While the tech is somewhat similar it does seem that Apple’s Face ID is a good deal more advanced. Isn’t that what tech companies are supposed to do, advance technology? I didn’t hear Apple or anyone else claim Face ID was first, but it does seem to be the best implementation currently.

            1. Because it works well for you that means it works great for everyone all the time? Windows Hello has a lot of documented problems. Apple’s Face ID seems to be much better in real world use. Shouldn’t Windows Hello be just as good as Face ID right now? It doesn’t seem to be though. Why is that?

            2. “Shouldn’t it be even easier for Microsoft to fix the failings of its product already on the market, because it’s their product and they have direct access to all the tech involved?”

              Yup, and I’m not aware if the new Surface models fix any issues.
              They probably will, but to fix the mistakes, you (or others) have to make them first. I’m not defending MS.

              I also have no idea of iOS Face Recognition issues. They may or may not exist.

      1. Well lets face the truth, it would if it worked in a rather limited, erratic and unsatisfactory manner as even the occasional PC press realist alludes in their braver moments. But I suspect when it comes the Apple version will actually work beautifully, as it does on the iPhone X, with multiple uses and seamless, probably just as MS discontinues their version through lack of interest like its Kinect stepfather.

        Meanwhile I would just just love to compare Apple’s technology with a Microsoft phone but they just seem to have disappeared for some reason from the marketplace, strange that. Oh well I’m sure we will see a new version at some stage in the future, though probably it won’t actually be called a phone of course, you know so it won’t have to battle against its disasterous predecessors for amusement. After all they will need something to make all that effort in AR worth the time, so either that or face Real Reality and simply put it on Apple/Google devices I guess. Or maybe they believe the priority in putting Face ID on a slowly dying computer platform is a strategy they like, like a lot.

  3. The Pencil.

    I got a 12.9 iPad Pro. Love it , use it everyday but…

    The Pencil is good but not as good as my Wacom Cintiq’s.

    Wacom Pencil :
    NO BATTARIES, no charging! (think about that !)

    ERASER on end so it’s way quicker to do corrections (instead of selecting eraser from menu etc).

    Tad more accurate and responsive (but then again the Cintiq is connected to a power source and a Mac Pro).

    some Cintiq pens like the Art Pen have rotational control , for example if you had a flat ‘chisel’ head brush it will rotate (360) following your pen, i.e the stroke can be vertical, horizontal etc.

    The Apple Pencil is Beautiful in a cold Jony Ive ‘minimalist executive’ sort of way but it’s not as comfortable as my ergonomic Wacom Pen (I can even change the barrel to the ‘fat’ version which is way better for hours of drawing) . Apple should keep the sleek Apple Pencil but provide a ‘artists pro ergonomic’ version as well.
    (Currently I’ve put a cheap rubber grip for pencils on my Apple pencil… )

    so I hope the Apple pencil comes with some improvements.

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