The Apple iOS 11 privacy and security settings you should check

“By now, if you’re an iPhone owner, you’ve probably updated to iOS 11 by now,” Brian Barrett writes for Wired. “If not, you really should, and not just for the animoji. The latest iOS update bakes in a few important security updates that you’re going to want to tap into.”

“What’s new? For starters, you can limit each individual app on your phone to tracking your location either all the time, only when you’re using it, or never,” Barrett writes. “Just head to Settings, then Privacy, then Location Services to set how liberally you want to share your GPS info.”

Barrett writes, “Take the occasion of installing a big iOS update as an excuse to check your overall iPhone security hygiene following the steps in the video…”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ve found Face ID to be virtually foolproof. We’d never disable it totally, but, it’s a good reminder that you can disable it at any time simply by squeezing the side button and one of the volume buttons concurrently.


  1. MDN take:
    “…you can disable it at any time simply by squeezing the side button and one of the volume buttons concurrently”

    Oh you mean like you do by accident all the time when you go to lock your phone because putting the volume and lock button directly opposite of each other was one of the stupidest iPhone design decisions ever made.

    1. The lock / sleep button has been across from the volume buttons since iPhone 6. I can count the number of times I’ve accidentally activated both in 3 years on one hand. I lock my phone all the time, but I’m able to move my thumb independently of my index and middle fingers. Maybe you could practice gripping with your ring and pinky while moving your thumb if you have some mobility limitations. Otherwise, I’m with Putz. Your level of coordination doesn’t necessarily represent the population at large.

  2. Having older ipad and a new iphone the button arrangement can get frustrating to me when before the buttons were all arranged in the same place, on button at the top right. Apple seems to like to change for sake of change and customer experience has gone from think different to think ourway

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