Apple obsoletes 2010 Mac Pro, Time Capsule (4th Gen) and AirPort Extreme (5th Gen)

“Apple has updated its vintage and obsolete products list with three additional products: the Time Capsule (4th generation), AirPort Extreme (5th generation), and the Mac Pro (Mid 2010),” Tim Hardwick reports for MacRumors.

“The Mac Pro and two wireless routers listed above are now classified by the company as vintage in the United States and Turkey, and obsolete in the rest of the world,” Hardwick reports. “Apple defines vintage products as those that have not been manufactured for more than five but less than seven years.”

Hardwick reports, “Macs and other products on the vintage and obsolete list are generally no longer eligible for hardware service.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Time waits for no Apple product.


  1. I long ago ditched my aging and not up to date Airport Extreme for non-Apple equipment. The ecosystems takes another bloody nose. Another reason to buy Apple goes down the drain.

  2. I have a maxed out, upgraded MacPro from 2006 running El Capitan. It is flawless and fast. Bought my kid a brand new Windows Acer laptop to have at school but he refuses use it. He uses my 11 year old Mac because it works better than a brand new Windows computer.

    1. First, both Windows and Mac OS interfaces and capabilities have been regressing since 2009.
      Second, you are literally comparing Apples to oranges. If you took the same amount of money you spent on your obsolete Mac which Apple doesn’t support and put it all toward current hardware from HP or Dell, what do you think the results would be?

      1. RAM upgrade = $50 + Video card upgrade = $50. If I put – as you suggest – $100 toward HP or Dell, I would have nothing. Bottom line is that my kid prefers an 11 year old Mac to a brand new Windows laptop. But thanks oh-so-much for your highly critical and mean-spirited attack. I’m guessing you’re a Trump supporter.

        1. 1. Realist was aggressive and mean-spirited which prompted the perfectly reasonable statement, “I’m guessing you’re a Trump supporter. And yes, it was provided as an insult and return volley to his aggression.
          2. I love my kid and a brand new Acer laptop for grade 8 seemed like a good idea at the time. Acer is a big company and the computer got good reviews.

        2. I saw no mean spirited remark from Realist. You need to grow some skin.

          I agree with him/her too. You can’t compare a desktop to a laptop. Two very different experiences.

          Also, why are you buying your kid a windows laptop if you are so convinced of Apple’s inherent superiority??? You just look foolish trying to badmouth lower cost machines as if Acer ever proposed their cheap ass laptops to be competitive with a desktop workstation. You should have figured that out before you bought it.

          As for obsolescence, it is basically true that on the desktop front Apple clearly doesn’t have a clue. The Mac versus PC race is over — Apple forfeited. All you can buy from Apple for the desktop are obsolete minis and trashcans and thermally constrained imacs. If you want multiple big screens or a gaming machine or an inexpensive computer for a student, then the only good affordable desktop from Apple right now is a used Mac Pro, which will unfortunately be outgunned by the latest wintel PCs for half the price. That is reality.

        3. Addendum: Apple’s Mac sales are buoyed right now not by good product selection for consumers and high demand pros but by the fact that large institutions are buying iMacs by the truckload for their business operations. The iMac is adequate for coding and lightweight business tasks obviously. Still, it’s a rip off compared to what a modern Mac Mini or midrange Mac tower should offer. And way too expensive for student budgets, apparently.

        4. Good read right up to the last sentence. You just had to drop a stupid political comment in a tech thread for no useful or intelligent reason at all. I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person.

  3. making obsolete a ONE GENERATION older model ?

    I say that because the CURRENT Mac Pro is the 2013 model, the last of the 2010 models were made in 2012 (with slight changes). So the current machine is just ONE GENERATION newer than the obsolete model !

    Perhaps there are good technical reasons to obsolete it but it shows the absurdity of Apple not upgrading the 2013 model.
    (Apple is selling the Mac desktop ‘flagship’ on it’s webpage right now, touting its performance, yet it’s near obsolete itself ! people are going into the spanking new Chicago showcase store and look at a 2013 Mac ? is it a store or a museum…. ? )

    typing this on a 2008 upgraded processor MP with a GTX 980 Ti video card , in GPU performance it probably beats near all current macs.
    I also have a 2012 MP. Refused to buy the cylinder as you can’t upgrade the GPU.

  4. Moved from a small loft to a 5 bedroom 2 story brick house and figured it was time to upgrade the router so I looked at the Netgear Orbi system, but first for spits and wiggles plugged the 5th Gen extreme up and I’ll be damned if it didn’t reach from the downstairs front (office) all the way upstairs to the back bedrooms and all around the yard, runs my two Samsung UHD smart TVs, new AppleTV 4K, a few laptops and phones all at 26 or so Mbps with no repeater (I also have an Express bridged in closet hooked to a wave radio for Roon). I’m good for now……

    (and for the record, since Apple has stopped Airport development like it was a Mini or Mac Pro, might as well call them ALL obsolete)

    1. Are you saying you want to replace the AirPort Express for use as an AirPlay-to-audio amp bridge? If so, there are multiple options s out there. None with quite the “it just works” integration of native Apple products, but quite serviceable nonetheless.

  5. Apple networking is seriously lagging.
    I have long removed myself from their routers as they were slow and lacking range – including the AP mode for the express.

    Most high end router support more advanced functions like jumbo frames. I understand most people would not need this but if you are into performanced base networks, Apple Routers are a no.

  6. What people are forgetting is that today Apple is (unfortunately) primarily a phone manufacturing company. As far as I am concerned Apple peeked as a technology company in 2010. That is when software was produced with few bugs, they made desktop computers (I am still using my 4.1 upgraded to 5.1). They did not kill software and leave users high and dry (FinalCut Pro).

    And in fairness to Apple, they make so much of the yearly profit from the iPhone, why would they reduce the profit for to make other product lines. For us (the buyers of Apple goods) we need a good competitor to take on Apple and force them to innovate and improve the customer experience.


  7. I learned a few months ago that my 2011 MacBook Pro is now no longer supported. Apple had extended the warranty because of a problem with the video, and I had it repaired once for that under the extended warranty. But when the same part failed again earlier this year, I learned there was nothing that could be done, defective part or not. There are no parts, anywhere. I have a Mac SE that still works, yet no one in the world can fix my 6-year-old MacBook!

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