Dvorak: Is iPhone X Apple’s Vista?

“The first round of iPhone X reviews are out, and a number of them came from a strange place: amateur YouTubers,” John C. Dvorak writes for PC Magazine. “Naturally, this prompted some head-scratching from established tech publications. Apple traditionally hand-picks the journalists who get the earliest review units of its newest gadgets, a privilege that can be taken away just as easily as it is granted.”

“This is shameful, but nobody seems to care,” Dvorak writes. “By turning its attention to YouTubers, Apple reaches an audience beyond the usual gadget blog readers.”

“Perhaps more importantly, Apple works with bloggers who are likely ecstatic to be getting a first look at the one of the hottest phones of the year versus writers and editors who want to test battery life, run benchmarks, and actively try to confuse Face ID. Why do that when you can give iPhone X to some sneaker enthusiasts?” Dvorak writes. “Perhaps Cupertino senses that iPhone X may end up like Microsoft Vista: unfairly criticized.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The clarity with which Dvorak is projecting when he writes that Vista was “unfairly criticized” is crystal clear.

Apply Betteridge’s law of headlines lavishly to this one.

Here are some gems that have been emitted by the Bloated Gas Bag over the years:

• The Macintosh uses an experimental pointing device called a “mouse.” There is no evidence that people want to use these things. — John C. Dvorak, 1984

• Apple should pull the plug on the iPhone… What Apple risks here is its reputation as a hot company that can do no wrong. If it’s smart it will call the iPhone a ‘reference design’ and pass it to some suckers to build with someone else’s marketing budget. Then it can wash its hands of any marketplace failures… Otherwise I’d advise people to cover their eyes. You are not going to like what you’ll see. — John C. Dvorak, 2007

• iPhone which doesn’t look, I mean to me, I’m looking at this thing and I think it’s kind of trending against, you know, what’s really going, what people are really liking on, in these phones nowadays, which are those little keypads. I mean, the Blackjack from Samsung, the Blackberry, obviously, you know kind of pushes this thing, the Palm, all these… And I guess some of these stocks went down on the Apple announcement, thinking that Apple could do no wrong, but I think Apple can do wrong and I think this is it. — John C. Dvorak, 2007

• The Apple iPad is not going to be the company’s next runaway best seller. — John C. Dvorak, 2010

• Within the decade, Microsoft should have a minimum of 300 stores. They should do as well as the Apple Stores. — John C. Dvorak, 2012


      1. I think he might be onto something, the iPhone X could be the device that is the “Vista” for Apple to embrace the future. As a review were implied yesterday it’s not an upgrade, It’s the future.

        1. World play, nice!! Pity that only latins will understand your phrase. To give back the meriths to the deserved owner, “Vista” is a portuguese or sanish word to “sight”. So World play is right – iPhone X is a sight for Apple to embrace the future! Give this man 5 stars 🙂

    1. I am just surprised he is still alive after all he was the one who said- ‘… these new fangled horseless carriages are a total dead end, what people want are leaner meaner horses not some unreliable mechanical Frankenstein’. — John C. Dvorak, 1898

  1. My 256GB space black X will be arriving between Nov 17 & 24 – assuming its on schedule. In the past, the projected delivery dates have been a little late and the phone arrive ahead of time – under-promise and over-deliver. When I get it I’ll be one of those armchair reviewers on YouTube. I’m not a fan of the notch but I’m open-minded enough to give the phone a shot without the notch completely overwhelming my thoughts.
    Admittedly, as I look at the pictures, it just bugs me about the notch, but it also makes the iPhone X unique and considering the return for the cost – FaceID – I can live with it if the camera does all it has been touted to do. Add to that the simple wireless charging feature and I’m happy! iOS 11 has been really hateful to my 7 Plus so I’m hoping that 11.1 will get things back to normal when I install today and that the X will perform better than my 7 is currently. With the Bionic chip, l think I have reason to be hopeful. Until I get the phone and have a go-around with it myself, Dvorak can kiss my ass – and hopefully a few times afterward!

    1. Space grey. Sorry for that mistake. I guess it’s clear that I’m really wishing Apple had kept either the Jet Black from the 7 or the traditional Gold as color options for the X since it does have the significance of being the anniversary special. I wonder if the two color options will be commonplace in the future.

        1. Yes, that one. First, in the early 80s, as a student at the academy, and as recently as this year. NY Phil had their “New World Initiative” last season, where they encouraged community ensembles from NYC to perform it whenever and wherever they can. I did it with mine during winter. At the end of the season, at their Concerts in the Park, they invited all participating ensembles to come to the park and join them in the theme from the 2nd movement. We showed up about our early, and played the entire symphony before the concert, on the Great Lawn.

          I never get tired of that piece…

  2. Sour grapes? Plus not all that accurate.

    I have watched a couple of the unboxing videos.including one from Marques Brownlee, who makes no bones about it, he’s an Android guy. Even he gave a pretty positive review of the iPhone X.

    Tech reviewers reach enthusiasts and analysts, not exactly a big market. If you’re confident in your product and you’ve got a few 10’s of millions to sell, why wouldn’t you give your samples to those folks who can have the greatest impact?

    Perhaps the tech review industry is about to be disrupted, as well. Get ready to become obsolete, John.

    1. I remember when he predicted that the keyboard short-cut driven DOS version of WordStar was going to outlast both WordPerfect …. …and Word….

      ….and so no one would ever need more than a 286 chip….

      Early ’80s I’m guessing. But at least he was more entertaining then….

  3. Vista was sold with the hope that everyone would install it. It failed because it was shit. Realistically the iPhone X is not going to be bought by every iPhone buyer. It might well sell in huge numbers, it might even be the biggest seller (assuming they can make that many), it might flop, but it’s a high end device it can’t be judged in the same way as something like Vista. The two just aren’t similar enough to be comparable.

  4. My memory is Hazey but I’m sure Vista was universally lambasted in reviews, the iPhone X has so far been universally praised by journalists and bloggers alike. What planet is this guy on?

  5. What’s more “shameful “ is Dvorhack is still spreading FUD.

    I couldn’t believe it when I saw the camera panning the audience at the iPhone X presentation with Dvorhack in his Hawaiian shirt right in front.

  6. This clown has suddenly arisen from under a Microsoft bushel to compare iPhone X to Vista!; laughing out loud, because he is probably still using an old Microsoft or Nokia featureless phone so would not understand LOL!!!

  7. No its not Vista and will never be.
    The only thing I equate to Vista-level of behavior in iOS is the stupid “feature” to download the latest iOS update to my device without my permission and then nagging me to install it with a pop-up dialog where the “Install now” option can be accidentally clicked. I’ve had that annoying dialog pop up while I’m in the middle of typing / tapping and had to stop myself mid-click with an F-bomb to follow it. I almost clicked it a few times by “accident.”, although it would have been iOS’s accident / fault. It makes me think of the Apple adds that took jabs at the Vista pop-up dialogs from the horrible UAC.

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