Your iPhone X may be delivered sooner than you expect

“Not everyone was lucky enough on Friday to get away with a November 3rd delivery date for their iPhone X preorders, and it took only a few minutes for shipping estimates to slip to 2-3 weeks,” Chris Smith writes for BGR. “The[y] dropped even more soon after that, reaching the current 5-6 weeks estimates that you might get right now on Apple’s online store.”

“The good news is that Apple and its partners are already shipping the iPhone X, which means early buyers will get it next Friday,” Smith writes. “However, there’s great news for everyone else, as it looks like they’re going to get the iPhone X sooner than expected.”

“iPhone X buyers who had mid-November delivery dates took to Reddit to reveal their estimates went up from mid-November to November 3rd,” Smith writes. “Getting the iPhone X on November 10th or 17th wasn’t as bad as mid-December. But it’s still great to see improved delivery dates.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ve seen this with other products and iPhone models in the past. Apple was likely conservative with a severely constrained supply and was/is able to improve shipping times as production allows.

So, good news for those among the second wave of iPhone X preorders (and potentially even later orders, depending on Apple’s suppliers and assemblers, as always)!


      1. These dates won’t move until Apple know they can clear the earlier dates ahead of time.
        My phone is set for Dec 5 – 11 delivery. Hopefully it will be earlier but I can wait.

    1. There are multiple factors that give rise to changing shipping dates. One important one is a chunk of people who pre-order online and then end up cancelling their orders.

      There may be many people who pre-ordered, then after sleeping on it some nights bak out. Or people who will cancel their orders after seeing their delivery dates who will try their luck at an Apple Store on launch day.

  1. The fact that delivery dates are still before the Christmas Holiday is important…….Nobody wants to get a “cardboard cutout” of a iPhone X in their Xmas Stocking!!!
    Bottom line the delivery times will improve. Apple is saying stores will have iPhone X available in-store Nov. 3. Now is that 5 phones or 1000 phones??? Nov 3 we allll find out…..

  2. As I mentioned in an earlier thread, FedEx says my iPhone X is already in New Jersey. Apparently the point of origin is Pennsylvania, so they must have warehoused a bunch. Last year my iPhone 7+ came from Shenzhen.

  3. Upgrading from a iPhone 5. Have never been more excited about a new model as the X. I keep checking every few hours but no change to my 2-3 week delivery between 13-20 Nov. 🙂

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