How to ‘deep clean’ your online activity

“Jared O’Mara is not the first person to have old comments he posted online come back to haunt him,” BBC News reports. “The Labour MP resigned from the Women and Equalities Committee after misogynistic remarks and degrading jokes he posted more than 10 years ago resurfaced. The scandal begs the question: what steps can you take to avoid old online posts – that may no longer reflect your point of view – coming back to haunt you?”

“But first a warning!” The Beeb reports. “Trying to hide your online history could draw more attention to it, than just leaving it alone – and an attempted cover-up could be a bigger scandal than the original posts.”

“Nothing you share on the internet is truly private, and once something is out there on the worldwide web, it can be very difficult to cover it up again,” The Beeb reports. “So to be safe, try not to post embarrassing content online in the first place.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As the Beeb notes, Facebook does provide a page where you can request a permanent account deletion. It is:


  1. Well, as far as I can think the only things I’ve said online that were crude, lewd or over the top have been posted here on MDN. They are enablers for immature and intolerant clowns like me, lol. 🤡

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