Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts: We will not upsell customers to the iPhone X

“Apple opened a new flagship store on Friday on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, its 497th in the world, up from just 27 in 2001,” Josh Lipton reports for CNBC. “The stores are very productive, generating $5,079 in sales per square foot, according to eMarketer — way more than most retailers.”

“But Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts has a new vision for these stores,” Lipton reports. “They should be ‘town squares,’ places where people meet up with friends, attend concerts and take classes.”

“She also acknowledged that Apple has told retail employees not to try to upsell customers to the most expensive iPhone model, the upcoming iPhone X,” Lipton reports. “‘I prefer that we ask you who you’re buying it for. If they’re 6 or 7 years old, what do they need? If it’s someone who’s leaning into something else, what do they need? We do that with Mac, we do that with iPad, why wouldn’t we do that with [the] phone?’ [Ahrendts asked].”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple has a full range of iPhones, priced for pretty much everybody and we’re sure each model has very healthy margins, especially compared with the barely- or non-profitable iPhone knockoff peddlers of the world, so there’s no reason to upsell or apply any sort of sales pressure at all.

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  1. Upgraded from 7 to 8. Awesome speed, power, Fits 7 Apple Battery Case, everything works great.
    I do not want to be the crash test dummy for the iPhoneX facial recognition stuff. I think there will be growing pains with this X model.

    I am gonna pre-order the X to flip it to pay for my 8…….GLTA!!!

    1. And here we are. A more fragmented, complex product matrix. Now the X is supposed to be some sort of pro device. I cringe thinking of Angela Blowhard thinking the X is a pro, business based smartphone, exactly the kind of thinking that Jobs killed.

      Jobs ushered in one phone to rule them all. It was so easy to use amd powerful, it just appealed to everyone, including business. And in the process, destroyed Blackberry.

      This is not the kind of thinking Apple needs. There is no difference between an iPhone 8 Plus and an iPhone X really. They run the exact same things.

      Angela is nothing but a delusional blowhard that doesn’t know what the hell is going on.

    1. I used to think the same thing, until I learned that my 6 year-old nephew was REQUIRED by his school to own a cellphone. They said it was because parents didn’t always show up to pick up their kids (they either forgot (!) or were just late). Also, the school didn’t want the liability for the kids who chose to walk home (those kids would have an “ICE device” as they referred to it).

      Welcome to the 21st century!

        1. Well there have been a number of cases of children dyeing in cars because the parent forgot they were there and went to work leaving the child to cook in the car all day. So not picking them up after school seem kind of a minor offense.

          1. After the first child died surely the parent would remember the second time. Also, did no one else in the vicinity notice the child in the car? What sort of community is it that witnesses a child dying of heat exhaustion or heat stroke and does nothing. Shitty neighborhood, I guess.

          2. How many children have you “cooked”, Jeff? Or are you the result of having been “cooked” yourself?

            Have you forgotten your own children, Jeff. Or have you been forgotten by your parents.

            You know, Jeff, your apparent lack of caring and compassion seems particularly worrying.

        2. My family moved from one locality to another when I was in first grade. They asked me if I wanted to change schools in the middle of the year or did I want to start going to my new school the next school year. I decided to stay put, but I could no longer ride the school bus since I now lived in the county and not the city. About two weeks after the move, my parents forgot they had to pick me up. I subsequently informed my parents to switch me to county schools so I could ride the bus. A cellphone would have been useful. Mom, if you are reading this, no need to feel guilty. You are forgiven. You are great.

      1. Why couldn’t the school call the parents? Seriously, if the school staff are so concerned about the child why wouldn’t an adult at the school call instead of deferring this responsibility to a child? It seems that the school staff aren’t that caring and concerned if they don’t have the urge to call the parents or guardians themselves.

      2. What is the name and address if this school that requires children to possess a cell phone? Perhaps parents who would think of moving to this area need to be forewarned. So, will you post the name and address?

      3. Welcome to the 21st century were children are neglected and child neglect is promoted by school administrators. You’re own your own, kid. Don’t expect adults to care for you, to respect you, to protect you.

  2. The approach Angela Ahrendts is describing and prescribing is on point. Excellent.

    The problem, apparently, is going to be iPhone X availability. I’m getting the idea that it’s a case of pushing a device out onto the market before its technology and manufacturing have been adequately sorted out. That’s gonna hurt.

    1. I’m skeptical about Ahrendt’s statement, if only for the fact that you can’t upsell customers to a device that will be out of stock for 6 months or more. This is setting up to be the AirPods fiasco on steroids.

    2. First of all, Angela is full of sh!t. She would not be doing her job if she didn’t train the sales staff to recommend more capable hardware to customers. It doesn’t have to be a hard upsell, but Apple’s entire business is an upsell. MDN blares this classist condescending attitude proudly, not that religion peddlers ever bother to reflect on the underlying message they are sending.

      In this era, it’s easy to make promises and never follow through. There are no repercussions.

      Just look at religious leaders, politicians, and Tim Cook’s track records for delivering what they promised. Still their sheep follow blindly.

      1. *anger* evident.

        I’ve personally never met a ‘blue t shirt bobblehead’ at an Apple Store. Other computer shops? De rigueur bobbleheads.

        In this era, it’s easy to make promises and never follow through. There are no repercussions.

        Sick Times. Total agreement. Sociopathy is a spirit of the age. If you’re looking for sheeple, look no further.

        As for ‘sheep follow blindly’ around here, there’s a good chunk of us that bash on Apple every time they pull an Apple Blunder®. Apple fanatics are in fact well known to be the most critical and discerning consumers in the market. Look elsewhere for sheeple.

      2. Apple wouldn’t be making more than one iPhone if there weren’t more than one population for which a single iPhone is needed. Apple could simply and only offer iPhone X and let the market decide if iPhone X is the only iPhone that any person would ever need.

  3. Iphone X is gorgeous!
    Notch is weird !
    Face id is awesome ( if it works from reasonable angles and distances) im looking forward to it.. touch id sucks for my reliativly wet hand/fingers and a perpetually smeared home button.

    Angela’s comment is irrelavant, iphone x is not upsellable .. its not going to be readily available..
    If anything and im pushing it somewhat.. till the X production hurdles are overcome.. Apple will probanly try to downsell to 8….

    silver x for me:)

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