Apple Watch saves another person’s life: ‘It would have been fatal’

“An Apple Watch notification helped save a man’s life after it alerted him to needing immediate medical attention for a blood clot in his lungs,” Mark Molloy reports for The Telegraph. “James Green, a podcast and reporter, from Brooklyn, New York, tweeted: ‘Never thought a stupid lil wrist computer I bought two years ago would save my life. Saw my heart rate go up, ended up being a pulmonary embolism.'”

“The 28-year-old says he owes his life to the HeartWatch app [$2.99], which monitors a person’s heart rate constantly throughout the day and notifies them when it goes above or below a certain threshold,” Molloy reports. “He told The Telegraph his doctor was glad he called, telling him that if he had waited any longer ‘it would have been fatal.'”

“David Walsh, the app’s creator, said it is ‘truly humbling to have played a part”, adding the outcome was “absolutely wonderful,'” Molloy reports. “He decided to create the app in 2015 after his dad died aged 56 due to a sudden heart problem.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Another life saved, thanks to Apple Watch!

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  1. I’ve been using the HeartWatch app for a few months now, along with their sleep app. Together they’re more useful than any other apps I’ve tried. They’re not free, I forget how much – I think about $3 – but at least in this case that’s been a bargain.

    1. Actually, Apple Watch remove the clot, reconfigured his DNA to adjust the coagulation cascade, monitored his INR while he was taking Warfarin, and paid off all his student loans.

  2. Seeing as I now lie in intensive care heart room, I need Apple Watch and this app! I about kicked off last Tuesday. Pulse went down, needed pacemaker and stent next. I get Apple Watch when I get out!

  3. The Apple Watch cannot diagnose a Pulmonary Embolism – it can ONLY be diagnosed with either a CTA of the Lungs or a Nuclear Medicine Examination of the Lungs. As someone who is trained, licensed and works in Radiology, I am calling bullshit on the stretching of the truth here.

    The watch can show you a measurement of your heart rate and has added SW that notifies you of an increase in heart rate when you are not engaged in increased activity. It cannot tell you that you have a blood clot in your lungs or anywhere else in your body.

    Any number of things can cause an abnormal heart rate or rhythm and involves being examined by a qualified practitioner and certain exams well beyond the capability of any consumer device. If you have an abnormal heart rate or rhythm you need to seek medical attention sooner rather than later. Cannot give you medical advice, but take the hint.

    The Watch has the potential to enable some very interesting things in health and medicine, but neither your phone or watch will be calling out a PE.

          1. A rapid heartbeat is not necessarily a life threatening event, but can be.
            All the watch did was show him his heart rate- something any BP cuff, oximeteror finger and watch can tell you. The article is a bit of a stretch.

  4. I have always detested propaganda selling junk to consumers as diet miracle, beauty miracles, and life saving devices. “Buy this product and you will be safe and happy!!!!!” They all say. Now it feels like Apple has sunk to such lows to push its latest product line.

    Failing to sell the Watch as a luxury item, Apple is now pivoting, making it a health tracking sos beacon. MDN is only too happy to spread the misperception that Apple watches are a huge lifesaver. Statistics prove otherwise. Brand religious faithful who have run out of ideas for people who have everything are now lapping up the marketing the bulls!t even though its one of the most expensive and complicated device for personal safety. If y’all were so concerned with your mortal danger, why weren’t y’all wearing a lifelink bracelet before Apple sold them???

    I’d be happy if Apple just told us what the Watch does, but long ago Apple stopped the Long/Hodgeman approach. Now Apple is a religion required constant display of loyalty. Sorry, but i am sick of the Cook Apple. I’ve tried the Watch s2 and found it clunky at best. I asked many watch wearers all about them, they fall basically into two camps: some follow every fad, status symbol, and use the Apple brand accordingly. Showoffs. The rest are hum ho, wearing the gift or whatever but leaning heavily on their iPhones for all but the most trivial tasks because Siri and the Watch interface sucks so bad. Ymmv.

    In al arger sense, I also chafe at the incessant marketing idea that only digital tech can save the world. This instance is nice feelgood propaganda but you don’t need a $300 wrist accessory to feel your own goddamn pulse. WTF is wrong with people? Your body is covered with extremely sensitive nerves telling you what’s going on!!! Are we too drugged up to feel anything anymore? A quick listen to Apple Music’s pop songs sounds like an endless glorification of drugs with the singer seemingly unable to write their own music or play an instrument without computers. Dependency. is that where we are heading? If so, i worry for the future. A cynic could correctly say that on a planet already overpopulated and with the value of an individual plummeting (the average tech religious idiot would rather consult the Oracle of Siri or Google to find out anything before simply asking the person next to them), the last thing we need is to have people like Cook, Fuckerberg, Bozo, or the Googly Thieves to decide how and when to save lives. Telling people to buy personal trackers for safety, even if it has a pretty Apple logo on it, is one more step away from personal responsibility and towards Big Brother society. The world has too many lemmings, MDN please stop shilling for the biggest fattest corporations, as if your life is perceptibly safer or better with ever more electronic leashes.

    We need info tech companies to stop the explosion of state sponsored fear propaganda, divisive politics, hate speech, and so forth. That is in their wheel house and they abandoned their duty to cash in on ad sales. Clean up your own abhorrent News apps and stuff.

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