How to make sure you remove photos from iCloud Photo Library

“iCloud Photo Library can be very handy for accessing your photos,” Glenn Fleishman writes for Macworld. “But it’s another service you need to tend to if you decide to sell or give an iOS device to someone else.”

“Turning off iCloud Photo Library from one device, so long as it remains turned on with any other, keeps all photos in place at iCloud,” Fleishman writes. “You have an option to delete them or retain on the device you’re using.”

Fleishman writes, “The way to remove photos from iCloud Photo Library is to delete them and then confirm when you’re told that the image will be deleted from all synced devices.”

Mor einfo, including what to do before you sell or give an iOS device to someone else in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple makes sharing photos and videos very easy; too easy in some cases, depending on the contents of the photographs and videos.

As we wrote back in August: We’re hoping Apple will just allow us to truly hide and password protect photos and videos right in the Photos app, or even in the camera app (via, for example, a lock/unlock icon in the Camera app where “locked” signifies that you’re currently shooting password-protected photo/video that will not be shared via My Photo Stream and that will be locked in iCloud Photo Library).

How to hide photos and videos on your iPhone in a locked and private album – August 24, 2017


  1. I’ve tried it several times but always ran into syncing/missing photo issues with iCloud Photos so I don’t use them at all, same with Apple Mail. I also remember Photo Stream being turned on in the past after an update which I did not want. I wish I could trust Apple more with this and use more of their core apps, but after a few frustrating experiences you just say the hell with it.

  2. I’m willing to bet that Photo Stream has initiated more than a few divorces. Or in a more benign way has spoiled surprise gifts. Once a photo gets in there it propagates to all other devices sharing the ID including Macs, and has to be deleted from each one.

    1. Spoiled surprise gifts, perhaps. But I think you will find that Photo Stream is not what initiated a divorce, but rather whoever/whatever was in the photo was the actual initiator.

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