Dow Jones spreads fake news story of Google acquiring Apple

Dow Jones Newswires had a ‘technical error’ which caused the portal to report several spurious stories including several headlines claiming Google was acquiring Apple for $9 billion, and that the deal was pre-arranged with Steve Jobs in his will,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac.

“Obviously, every element of the story is made up, but it’s pretty funny to see the temporal blip on Apple’s stock price, which briefly spiked up to $158,” Mayo reports. “The fake stories have now been removed by DJ.”

Mayo reports, “Dow Jones provided the following statement on the matter. ‘Please disregard the headlines that ran on Dow Jones Newswires between 9:34 a.m. ET and 9:36 a.m. ET. Due to a technical error, the headlines were published. All of those headlines are being removed from the wires. We apologize for the error.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Technical error? Sounds like an April Fool’s joke got published by mistake.


  1. Dow Jones is part of the Murdoch Empire of Disinformation™ and spans from Faux Noise Channel to the Wall Street Journal Editorial Page- home of more fantasy than Heavy Metal Magazine & the Movie.

    For those too young to remember here is the title track with scenes from the show.

  2. Many will think it’s a prediction of the future as Google value multiplies and Apple’s value fades. In fact, it may not be that far off into the future. Google’s growth is being predicted to skyrocket yearly into double figures over the next five years. Apple… not so much… zzzzzzz.

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