Apple’s iOS 11.0.2 update could save you half a gigabyte of storage space

“Apple is once again showing why it commands respects from users from a software perspective by following up the initial release of iOS 11 with quick-fire subsequent builds to patch issues,” Paul Morris reports for Redmond Pie.

“As you may already know, the Cupertino-based company released iOS 11.0.2 for all compatible iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices yesterday,” Morris reports. “The new update not only fixes a number of issues and bugs but also appears to instantly reclaim some storage space on the device for owners to use in other areas.”

“It’s important to note that the amount of storage space reclaimed would depend entirely on the device type, the storage capacity of that device, and the type of data and information stored on it,” Morris reports. “Usually, the higher the storage capacity a device has, the more chances it has of freeing of more storage space.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We checked to see what we gained back between iOS 11.0.1 and 11.0.2 on one of our 256GB iPhone 7 Plus units and we only gained 300 MB:

iOS 11.0.2 storage gains


  1. My battery life on my iPhone 6 is 10x better. Don’t know what they did, but it’s 1:30p here and my phone is showing 80%. Before, I would be down between 50 and 60% by 1:30p.

  2. When it comes to storage space Apple should be the leader in giving it away, not being stingy and giving away some of the smallest amounts going. This would go a long way in boosting phone and device sales. As it is, I buy only the smallest devices possible, put few if any apps on them, because I refuse to pay for more than the Apple minimum on cloud space.

    Imagine the paradigm shift this would have if, they gave you unlimited cloud resources. But no, they want to nickle and dime everyone for even the most basic crap, like their dongle culture.

    Nice and great devices, but give me the whole widget, I’m paying a premium already!

      1. You’re both missing the point, I don’t have to do any such thing with the Mercedes I drive. It’s all included in the price and I expect that. The worst is that I have to manage this kind of niggling crap when all I want is everything included not a bunch of payments and accessories to keep track of. I’m a premium customer and premium buyer, cater to that.

        Let those who don’t mind being cheap, buy Android devices and have to fiddle with cloud storage options.

        1. When you buy a Mercedes, you STILL have to pick the vehicle that you need for your own use. A C class does not come with 7 seats like the GL or ML class vehicle. You cannot cram 7 people into a sedan. The iPhone is the same. If you want more storage, you pay for more storage. If you want premium, you pay for the iPhone X.

        2. Still not sure I understand the logic here. They are called “options” and you pick the options you want. Just like I have a choice of extended warranties and a choice of optional maintenance plans, the iPhone has optional external storage choices.

          I tend to buy a car (I own a MBZ) with the “loaded” package becuase it helps with resale. I tend to by my iPhones and my laptops with max’d out storage for some of the same reasons. In neither case am I being nickel and dimed. I’m paying for a level of perfomance/service. Not sure why you feel Apple is somehow different in this regard. They are a premium brand.

          1. Simply put, here’s what I want:

            I want to pay once for everything. I can pick whatever for cloud storage and pay whatever price asked. I just don’t want to have to keep paying and to keep figuring out what my options are, oh and, cutting a check to Apple each month.

            Charge me $1000 more if you want. I’ll pay it. I just don’t want to have to manage my technology from month-to-month, or ever. Make an option available for me to do that. When it comes to dongles, give me everyone of them at the time of sale. Again, I don’t care about the cost, but the convenience is key.

            For those that don’t mind fiddling and paying each month, great! Knock yourselves out! I don’t want to bothered with all of that so, give me the option not to be.

    1. I agree or at least match the competition. Google gives 15GB. Apple is big enough now and has money, the premium device can come with benefits like unlimited storage or something.

  3. iOS 11 has made my 6+ lag a lot. My experience with iPhones holds true, the first two years of ownership are great, anything after includes a heavy dose of progressively crippling “updates”.

    1. My 6+ is lagging also since I updated to 11.0, especially when opening camera, image recording, and opening of various apps. Battery life has diminished quite a bit too since the 11 update. Glad to see this latest update released so quickly, I’ll update to 11.02 from .01 on my phone later today. Updating my 12.9 2nd gen iPad now (update was around 300mb).

  4. 11.0.2 is tanking my battery life. I used to have 85% left when I went home from work at the end of the day. It’s 9:50am and I’m already down to 80%. No apps open, not even using it.

  5. Since the latest update, my storage space is being eaten up by the operating system. Yesterday, the operating system on my iPhone 6 took up 27.4 gigs of the available storage on my phone (64 gigs). After deleting a bunch of apps, photos and podcast episodes, the operating system took up 30.7 gigs! The OS actually expanded! Also, the battery life has reduced precipitously. I can’t even access emails because the storage issues won’t allow me to see them. How will I even update my phone when the 3rd patch this month comes if I can’t free up space? Apple has completely dropped the ball with iOS 11…

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