Apple reportedly investigating reports of swelling iPhone 8 Plus batteries

“A small but increasing number of iPhone 8 Plus owners have shared pictures of their devices burst open due to possible battery failure,” Joe Rossignol reports for MacRumors.

“MacRumors reader Anthony Wu‏, from Toronto, Canada, said he bought and unboxed a new iPhone 8 Plus on Sunday, but he was forced to return it by Monday after the display popped out,” Rossignol reports. “The damage was presumably caused by a defective battery inside the iPhone that swelled and placed pressure on the assembly.”

“There are now at least five cases of possible iPhone 8 Plus battery failure, following reports in Taiwan, Japan, and Hong Kong last week,” Rossignol reports. “Following the first two reports, an Apple spokeswoman told MacRumors that the company is ‘aware’ and ‘looking into’ the matter.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ll wait to see if the failure rate is deemed to be out of the ordinary. Five cases out of millions of devices is a very small number of incidents.


    1. Calm yourself troll, every tech company has a normal amount of defects or problems. With Samsung’s batteries on fire or exploding or whatever, the issue was the failure rate was far, far higher than normal.

        1. Samsung’s failure rate on that model was much higher than the industry standard, dozens of reported cases (not all fires), and Samsung has given details about two separate manufacturing defects that caused the problem. The problem Apple has is it sells so many iPhones, no other company sells anywhere close to Apple’s numbers when it comes to one model of device, and batteries do fail at a fairly predictable rate. Every year we see stories about Apple device batteries. It would surprise me if this was an actual problem. You can stop hyperventilating.

        2. They only sold two and a half million and recalled all of them due to a known problem in the building process. As others have already said, this wasn’t a normal number of issues with the battery, it was a defect. The iPhone might also be a defect but currently it doesn’t seem to be anything more than the normal battery problems that all batteries have.

  1. I tried to look up how many Samsung phones actually exploded before it was recalled. The only firm number I could find is that they sold 2.5 million phones. Not clear how many were defective and what the percentage was.

    Right now we have 5 phones out WAY more than 2.5 million.

        1. well it’s the troll who always starts posts with
          @yourname + something freudian/juvenile! He usually goes on to say a bunch of anti-apple drivel with some anti-Tim Cook homophobic rants.
          It’s been a long time! I always get a chuckle… enjoy
          your android stuff dude!

  2. Battery swelling might indicate many things, including incipient fire. Any battery failure, particularly swelling, for the exact reason for what had happened with Samsung Wrong, has to be taken seriously. It should not be treated as a statistics game. I thought what finally killed Samsung Wrong was a fire in an aircraft. Potential PL in that case would have been monumental. Apple is wise to investigate it, even if it may be just a single occurrence at this point.

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