Scratch and bend test: Apple’s iPhone 8 is extremely strong and durable

“YouTube channel JerryRigEverything unboxed one of the first production iPhone 8 models on Thursday and immediately proceeded to destroy the display, back glass and metal chassis with an assortment of metal objects,” AppleInsider reports.

“Apple touts the glass on this year’s iPhone as the strongest ever employed in a smartphone, and today’s video seems to back up that claim,” AppleInsider reports. “Apple’s 7000 series aluminum took some punishment from the utility knife, revealing a natural silver interior after the top anodized layer was stripped away, but this is to be expected from the material.”

“Moving on to the perennial bend test, the new iPhone passed with flying colors, showing no sign of flex even with the glass sandwich design,” AppleInsider reports. “Notably, JerryRigEverything said the bend test failed to affect the phone’s adhesive, which came undone in an identical evaluation of the iPhone 7.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Impressive, even with a glass back!

As long as you’re not prone to gouging your iPhone 8’s camera lens with a level 6 mineral test pick, you’re good to go!


  1. Doesn’t survive an atomic blast?! Instant fail. Apple is doomed.

    One has to wonder if Apple is appreciated at all for building products that have a long useful lifespan. It appears as though most of the world’s consumers are mostly going for low-cost products and they don’t really care if they’re built to last or not. I believe Apple should build long-lasting products but doing so certainly must cut into future sales due to consumers keeping a useful product longer. However, Wall Street doesn’t find any merit to such an objective. Wall Street would rather companies build disposable products that constantly need to be replaced which certainly isn’t good for the ecology as a whole.

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