watchOS 4 no longer allows for browsing iPhone music library via Apple Watch

“In a major change to how the Apple Watch operates, users can no longer browse their iPhone’s music library after updating to watchOS 4, and instead can only view songs stored on the watch itself,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Previously, users could use Force Touch or scroll up in the Music app’s main menu to choose a source. There, watchOS 3 and prior presented the option to view tracks stored on or streamed from a connected iPhone, as well as those stored on the watch itself,” Hughes reports. “But with Tuesday’s release of watchOS 4, there is no way to view the music library from a connected phone. Launching the new Music app in watchOS 4 presents users only with songs that have been synced directly to the watch.”

“While watchOS 4 will no longer allow a user to browse their iPhone’s music library, they can still use the Apple Watch to control it,” Hughes reports. “In fact, it’s now easier than ever: A ‘Now Playing’ screen shows up by default when the user is playing music from their iPhone, giving quick access to pause, skip a track, or adjust the volume with the Digital Crown. However, in order to take advantage of this, users must start the playback of music on their iPhone, then continue controlling it via the Apple Watch.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Done in order to reduce confusion? Pending issue(s) with Apple Music streaming?


    1. Combine this with the changes to iTunes. Writing is on the wall—Apple is deprecating local storage of apps and media that you paid for and permanently licensed. Instead, we are being “encouraged” to keep everything in the cloud and download as needed. If Apple chooses to discontinue the app or song, tough! If we don’t have cheap unlimited Internet, tough!

  1. This is an outrage! The one cool selling point of the watch since release, and now they’re taking it away, and replacing it with having to ask Siri to play everything from the cloud or locally on the watch. I’m staying on WatchOS 3

  2. Awesome! It bugged me that whenever I was working out without the iPhone, it insisted on showing the iPhone’s music first instead of the Watch’s playlist. If you have your phone that close, then use the F-ing phone! Even the Rev.A Series 1 can hold 2 gigs of music.

  3. They want you subscribed to Apple Music, music you own already doesn’t earn them anything. Honestly though I prefer doing most things on my iPhone, even something as simple as reaching into my pocket to click physical buttons to adjust the volume, instead of fiddling around on the watch, which takes up both hands.

  4. This is a really annoying change.
    Can’t browse playlists on iPhone but can step forward/back on iPhone playlists via Now Playing.
    Seems particularly dumb.
    Many of us like to keep all music on phone and control from watch.

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