One more thing: Apple’s other big reveal on September 12th

Next Tuesday, Apple “will unveil not only its latest batch of products, but also give the hoi polloi a first glimpse of its brand new campus,” Alex Webb reports for Bloomberg.

“The Steve Jobs Theater will be the day’s focal point. Set apart from Apple’s main, donut-shaped headquarters in what will ultimately be gladed woodland to the southeast, the auditorium will host the press conference,” Webb reports. “The entrance to the venue sits underneath a silver disc, whose supporting glass panels make it seem to float 20 feet above the surrounding clearing. The auditorium itself occupies four underground stories, and to get there, journalists will descend a staircase spiraling down alongside the walls.”

“It also boasts two custom-made rotating elevators, which turn as they ascend and descend so that passengers enter and exit by the same door even as they go in and out from different directions. So far, so Apple — the more elegant single door, with its complex engineering, preferred to the more obvious double-door solution,” Webb reports. “Once CEO Tim Cook and his cohorts finish showing off the new iPhones, Apple Watch and TV onstage, a surprise will await the departing attendees. An inside wall, which obscures a hollow space below the floating saucer, will retract to reveal the product demonstration room, according to someone with knowledge of the design.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Would that Steve were there, too.


      1. I did not bother to vote. There did not seem to be a point, But, given the lack of a “/s”, it was not necessarily apparent that you were joking. In addition to the fact that it was not humorous and it was posted by an unregistered source, there have been a lot of genuinely negative posts of this sort over the past few years.

        Personally, I disliked your follow-up post more. The use of the “fanboy” term brings up the struggles with Microsoft in the 1990s. True Apple supporters do not use that term, even in jest. Why legitimize that old derogatory term by using it on an Apple forum? Typically, only trolls use it.

        1. I don’t really care about a past negative connotation of the word fanboy. It is an ironic self description. I have learned on a 9″ Mac in 1990 using Pagemaker. I had to use PCs later for decades as well, but never liked it. Got rid of them 10 years ago, Mac only since then. So I am free to announce me as a fanboy. Still I’m thinking the Apple park is a huge mausoleum.

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