The next-gen iPhone rumors you should bet on

“After months and months (and months) of speculation, the iPhone 8 is finally upon us,” Oscar Raymundo writes for Macworld.

“OLED display? Virtual Home button? Facial recognition? Watch the video [below] to see which iPhone 8 rumors are the most plausible,” Raymundo writes. “And if you want to get the details on everything that’s been speculated about this special iPhone, check out Macworld’s ultimate rumor roundup.”

Raymundo writes, “In this week’s episode of The iPhone Show, I highlight only the rumors most likely to come true.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Please, Lord, let Apple’s OLED iPhone assemblers have been wildly successful or there are going to be facing months of order backlogs!


    1. I expect they will come with EarPods as standard as they always have. If you meant AirPods then no I don’t think they will, millions of people already have them, it makes no economic sense for Apple to give away a $150 accessory.

        1. Maybe as a discount add-on, but I don’t think it makes sense in the box when many of these top-end buyers already have them. Supply constraints aren’t easing that much, the demand will ramp up again, as this was supposed to be the premier accessory for the iPhone 7, but they blew it and they weren’t ready.

  1. For some reason, Touch ID is a big deal to me. Maybe its just the solidness of the tactile, visceral connection. Maybe not for others. However, I just see a whole host of potential problems with facial recognition only. I am sure that on 9/12 Apple will furiously spin this and assure us that there is no problem with facial recognition, buuuut, I’m not sure that people will be convinced. They will probably offer other features that they hope will overcome the lack of Touch ID. I think they hoped that TouchID UNDER the OLED would be the next big Apple breakthrough, but couldn’t make it happen in time. I have an iPhone 6 and wanted to go to 8, but now will probably move up to the 7S (or whatever) if it still has Touch ID. Anyone else buying plans affected by the potential loss of Touch ID?

    1. I don’t think for one moment that Apple would allow your iPhone to be unlocked merely by holding it in front of your face. I think that an additional unique action will have to happen too, think of it as a signature.

      I have explained my thoughts and reasons in the comments after a related article on MDN “Apple’s OLED iPhone’s new 3D infrared facial recognition capability will be unmatched by Android wannabes”.

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