Tim Cook reaps $89.2 million stock award

“Apple Inc. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook collected 560,000 shares, half of them linked to the company’s performance and the maximum allowed under the iPhone maker’s long-term compensation program,” Anders Melin reports for Bloomberg.

“The award was worth $89.2 million when it was granted on Thursday, based on Apple’s $159.27 closing price. He received the performance-linked stock because Apple shares outperformed at least two-thirds of businesses in the S&P 500 Index over three years, according to a regulatory filing Monday,” Melin reports. “It’s Cook’s fourth consecutive payout at the top threshold.”

Cook, 56, receives annual payouts from a giant stock award he got after succeeding Steve Jobs in 2011, which was set to vest in two phases over a decade,” Melin reports. “For the three years ended Aug. 24, Apple shares returned 71 percent, ranking it in the 81st percentile among index members, according to the filing.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Cook volunteered to introduce a performance-related element to his own awards back in 2013. Cook has also stated plans to donate his fortune to philanthropic causes.


  1. Winning all round.

    Apple benefits from Cook’s leadership. Apple’s hareholders benefit from AAPL doing well. Cook benefits from the kudos and recognition which goes with that degree of success and the good causes which Cook supports benefit from his generosity.

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              Oh wait, a steaming pile is president. Same concept.

        1. So, riddle me this.

          For 8 years the economy improved and unemployment went down under Obama but he got no credit for it at all.

          Trump crawls out of the cesspool of your mind and SUDDENLY, magically, he is solely responsible for things continuing how they were going.

          Just a simple, logical explanation will do.

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  2. I’m not a fan of such huge compensation. I mean, how many hundreds of millions does a person actually need to afford anything he/she wants? But Tim’s plan of donating his money to good causes is a very admirable goal.

  3. That truly is absurd amount of compensation. 89 million and he can’t even put out a competitive , decent desktop computer.

    All he can do is say they dropped the ball, please give me my 89 million.

    1. When you don’t recognize historical data (5.2% – 2014 and 3.2 % 2015 and 2.8% in 2016) then you are cherry picking.

      Look at the link to the chart I posted. Luckily it didn’t embed because you would be embarrassed for your asinine post. With just a link you can keep your head buried… you know where.

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    you people are truly mentally ill. Never accountability.

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