How to use Siri to learn a new language in iOS 11

“Siri is getting a few notable improvements in iOS 11, among which is the ability to translate words and phrases into different languages,” Joseph Keller writes for iMore. “This can be particularly useful for overseas travelers, especially if you just need a quick translation every now and then.”

“At the launch of iOS 11, Siri will be able to translate from English into the following languages: French, German, Italian, Mandarin, [and] Spanish,” Keller writes. “Apple says that it will add more languages to Siri translation over time.”

Keller writes, “Siri Translation pairs well with iOS 11’s improvements for follow-up questions for Siri, so you can ask, for instance, ‘How do you say ‘where is the museum’ in German,’ get the answer, tap the Siri button again, and follow up with ‘How about in Italian’ and get the correct translation.”

How to use Siri to learn a new language in iOS 11 here.

MacDailyNews Take: Siri’s newfound translation abilities will help bolster our Duolingo efforts!


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