“The FBI has admitted that it is actively discouraging businesses to not use security products from Kaspersky Lab,” Anthony Spadafora reports for BetaNews. “Rob Joyce, the US government’s Cyber Security Coordinator, said that the agency has been actively trying to convince companies in the private sector to no longer use products from the Russian security firm following a number of recent concerns.”

“The FBI previously raised issues over Kaspersky Lab’s ties with the Kremlin, as it believes that data collected by the company’s popular antivirus program is being sent directly to the Russian government,” Spadafora reports. “During a recent interview, Joyce once again highlighted the fact that the Russia-based security company can no longer be trusted by businesses and even by consumers, saying: ‘I don’t use Kaspersky Lab products. I worry that as a nation state Russia really hasn’t done the right things for this country and they have a lot of control and latitude over the information that goes to companies in Russia. So I worry about that.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote of Kaspersky Lab back in March 2015:

Things that make you go “hmmm.” Yet another reason why we’re glad we use Macs!

And, as we wrote back in April 2010:

Eugene Kaspersky is a transparent, self-serving, disingenuous leech who seems to consider tech users to be gullible fools.

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