Is Tim Cook running for president?

“Apple CEO Tim Cook barnstormed across Middle America on Thursday, holding events in Ohio and Iowa, two crucial swing states in presidential elections. Cook’s latest moves are raising questions about potential presidential aspirations,” NTK Network writes.

“While top Democrats like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and former Vice President Joe Biden are considered the frontrunners to challenge President Trump in 2020, rumors have been swirling about the possibility of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg tossing his hat in the 2020 ring,” NTK Network writes. “Unlike Zuckerberg whose actions surrounding his possible run have largely been behind the scenes, it appears that Cook is taking a more Trumpian approach by holding rallies that appear optically more in line with a presidential type event. Cook visited Cincinnati Test Systems in Harrison, OH on Thursday morning, ‘where he thanked employees and hinted at a prosperous future.'”

“After Cook’s appearance in Harrison, he was off to Des Moines, IA for an event outside the Iowa Statehouse to announce the creation of a data center. Governor Kim Reynolds joined Cook for the announcement,” NTK Network writes. “Cook has not been shy about wading into political issues. He spoke out against Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accords and, more recently, criticized Trump’s handling of the Charlottesville protests.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’d love to see a primary between Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg, narcissist tracker!

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    1. As I said about a Zuckerberg run a day or so ago, no CEO with half a brain running a truly successful enterprise will run for US president. You give up your company and all the joys running it gives you, and in exchange you get grief from all sides.

    2. I dunno. He sure acts like he is running. More and more it seems that rather than the CEO of Apple, Inc., he is more suited to being the commissaire politique (political commissary) of Apple, Inc. The political commissary of an organization nurtures the desired ideology and guards against unacceptable thoughts. If I can borrow a phrase from Apple’s 1984 commercial, the political commissary maintains the “Garden of Pure Ideology.”

  1. Tim is wrong on a great many things, from claiming that mentally ill gender dysphoria suffers must be admitted into the military (Cook obviously has about as much military knowledge as the average Democrat) to “Climate Change.”

    STUDY: Most Global Warming Is Natural

    According to author Leo Tolstoy, born at the very end of the Little Ice Age, in quite a cold country:

    “The most difficult subjects can be explained to the most slow-witted man if he has not formed any idea of them already; but the simplest thing cannot be made clear to the most intelligent man if he is firmly persuaded that he already knows, without a shadow of a doubt, what is laid before him.”

    So, our new technical paper in GeoResJ (vol. 14, pages 36-46) will likely be ignored. Because after applying the latest big data technique to six 2,000 year-long proxy-temperature series we cannot confirm that recent warming is anything but natural – what might have occurred anyway, even if there was no industrial revolution.

    Over the last few years, I’ve worked with Dr John Abbot using artificial neural networks (ANN) to forecast monthly rainfall. We now have a bunch of papers in international climate science journals showing these forecasts to be more skilful than output from general circulation models.

    During the past year, we’ve extended this work to estimating what global temperatures would have been during the twentieth century in the absence of human-emission of carbon dioxide.

    We began by deconstructing the six-proxy series from different geographic regions – series already published in the mainstream climate science literature. One of these, the Northern Hemisphere composite series begins in 50 AD, ends in the year 2000, and is derived from studies of pollen, lake sediments, stalagmites and boreholes.

    Typical of most such temperature series, it zigzags up and down while showing two rising trends: the first peaks about 1200 AD and corresponds with a period known as the Medieval Warm Period (MWP), while the second peaks in 1980 and then shows decline. In between, is the Little Ice Age (LIA), which according to the Northern Hemisphere composite bottomed-out in 1650 AD. (Of course, the MWP corresponded with a period of generally good harvests in England – when men dressed in tunics and built grand cathedrals with tall spires. It preceded the LIA when there was famine and the Great Plague of London.)

    Ignoring for the moment the MWP and LIA, you might want to simply dismiss this temperature series on the basis it peaks in 1980: it doesn’t continue to rise to the very end of the record: to the year 2000?

    In fact, this decline is typical of most such proxy reconstructions – derived from pollen, stalagmites, boreholes, coral cores and especially tree rings. Within mainstream climate science the decline after 1980 is referred to as “the divergence problem”, and then hidden.

    In denial of this problem, leading climate scientists have been known to even graft temperature measurements from thermometers onto the proxy record after 1980 to literally ‘hide the decline’. Phil Jones, the head of the Climate Research Unit, University of East Anglia, aptly described the technique as a ‘trick’.

    Grafting thermometer data onto the end of the proxy record generally ‘fixes’ the problem after 1980, while remodelling effectively flattens the Medieval Warm Period.

    There are, however, multiple lines of evidence indicating it was about a degree warmer across Europe during the MWP – corresponding with the 1200 AD rise in our Northern Hemisphere composite. In fact, there are oodles of published technical papers based on proxy records that provide a relatively warm temperature profile for this period. This was before the Little Ice Age when it was too cold to inhabit Greenland.

    The modern inhabitation of Upernavik, in north west Greenland, only began in 1826, which corresponds with the beginning of the industrial age. So, the end of the Little Ice Age corresponds with the beginning of industrialisation. But did industrialisation cause the global warming? Tolstoy’s ‘intelligent man’ would immediately reply: But yes!

    In our new paper in GeoResJ, we make the assumption that an artificial neural network – remember our big data/machine learning technique – trained on proxy temperatures up until 1830, would be able to forecast the combined effect of natural climate cycles through the twentieth century.

    Using the proxy record from the Northern Hemisphere composite, decomposing this through signal analysis and then using the resulting component sine waves as input into an ANN, John Abbot and I generated forecasts for the period from 1830 to 2000.
    Our results show up to 1°C of warming. The average divergence between the proxy temperature record and our ANN projection is just 0.09 degree Celsius. This suggests that even if there had been no industrial revolution and burning of fossil fuels, there would have still been warming through the twentieth century – to at least 1980, and of almost 1°C.

    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, relying on General Circulation Models, and giving us the Paris Accord, also estimates warming of approximately 1°C, but claims this is all our fault (human caused).

    For more information, including charts and a link to the full paper read Jennifer Marohasy’s latest blog post.

    Jennifer Marohasy, The Spectator, 22 August 2017

    1. Please cease your ridiculous (and ridiculously long) denial posts, “FactChecker.” I have studied this subject in considerable detail and your denial rhetoric is fringe partisan pseudo-science.

      Thousands of climatology scientists are continuing to evolve planetary climate models based on extensive data and unassailable credentials and expertise. Then you have a relative handful of “scientists” pumping out denial publications. Follow the political viewpoints and the money and you can trace most of the denial publications right back to “conservative” organizations.

      In truth, it is very difficult to understand what being “conservative” means anymore. Somehow that word has become linked to a series of increasingly extremist viewpoints that have led to a divergence from science and reason.

      1. Who hires “climate” scientists besides government? Who but government supplies climate research grants to colleges? The only way they can justify continuing to spend our tax money is to keep declaring that there is “problem”. For most, admitting that there is no problem would be the end of their career. The only reason this hoax is still around is because so much money has been invested in it.

        The Earth’s average temperature has been stable for over 20 years, even as CO2 has continued to climb. CO2 as “pollution” is bunk, perpetuated for the purpose of “redistributing wealth”. The CO2 level on Earth is currently 400 microatmospheres. In past time periods (e.g.- Jurassic period), sometimes thousands of years long, it has been anywhere from 6,000 to 30,000 microatmospheres. In fact, during the 4,000 YEAR long Holocene Climate Optimum, the planet was almost five (5) degrees (F) WARMER than it is now! Somehow, the planet didn’t “boil over” as Al Gore (the man living alone in a 9 bedroom, 6 fireplace mansion (w/ heated outdoor pool, natch) implies will happen. Now THAT’S an “inconvenient truth”……

        The past 10,000 years since the end of the Ice Age have seen four periods of warming greater than the present. Antarctic glaciers receded more 7,000 years ago than now. Global temperature and sea levels have been higher during the Holocene Climate Optimum and the Minoan, Roman, and Medieval Warm Periods. We are now just approximately 200 years from the end of the coldest period of the past 10,000 years, the Little Ice Age, during which glaciers advanced and sea level fell. Current warming is just a natural rebound from the Little Ice Age, and a welcome one at that. The Little Ice Age had powerful storms, failing crops, raging disease epidemics, and struggles for survival. It is illogical to think that our current modest warming is not natural, or to prefer cooling to warming.

        1. Who hires “flood barrier engineers” but local governments? What kind of scam are they trying to run? Maybe they are concerned with the billions of dollars of infrastructure susceptible to damage in low lying areas near the coast.

          Hiring climate scientists to study what exactly is happening in our oceans and atmosphere is a necessary cost to figure out what happens to our planet when several billion of us live close to the coastline. We as a nation should be grateful for all the hard work built into hurricane detection systems which let people in the path of Hurricane Harvey know in advance the risk.

          Climate science is striving to do the exact same risk analysis, just on a larger timescale, so that we can develop a better plan A, especially if plan B involves moving everybody from Florida to the middle of North Dakota. Climate science was never about saving a specific type of tree frog, or worrying that the earth would boil over. The earth is hardy, it will survive. It is about us, as humans, needing to figure out how to deal with millions or billions of “climate” refugees, victims within their own country, should the worst happen, which most models predict will.

          You can cherry-pick your data (the last 20 years), find eras that were hotter (the Jurassic) or keep debating that it is natural, it doesn’t matter. This isn’t 7000 years ago. This is 2017 and a large part of our civilization is built in areas extremely vulnerable to rising sea levels. There is no “wealth redistribution” plan involved with climate change, just a shared agreement between nations that reducing CO2 levels globally to slow rising sea-levels is preferable to actually fighting over land rights again. We’ve seen how desperate people can get after a hurricane with no home, food, water (or internet) for a few days. This could be a million-fold worse.

          The fact that weather is already so unpredictable, and the effects seem so minuscule (a few degrees over half a lifetime) allow most people to refuse to confront the problem. But climate scientists are working for our benefit, and like the flood barrier engineers, let’s listen to their recommendations and do what we can to help protect the enormous infrastructure investments we have already made in this great country.

          1. Mel: Harvey is at the door and the storm surge has been named as “historic.” What do I do? Who do I believe? Al Gore is unavailable in his home that uses as much energy as 20 avg US homes. Because of your “no-response, maybe you are boarding up your windows? Is the IPCC correct? Please answer, there’s not much time left.

  2. The country is not ready for the second homosexual president, especially just a mere 8 years after ” rel=”nofollow”>the first one was finally dispatched from office.

    1. Brutal Truth is neither. I am sick of truthers and homophobes spreading this vile hatred. No, Obama was not “dispatched” from office: they call it a term limit. He ran and won twice. Nor is Obama a “secret muslim” or any of the other lies you and your sick bigot friends try to push.

            1. If you don’t think all these guys really believe this BS, you haven’t been around here long. You can’t find as many True Believers at a Taliban meeting.

            1. The good citizens of Maricopa County seem to disagree with you:

              Arpaio was first elected as sheriff in 1992. He was re-elected in 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012.

    1. Common sense would indicate you are indeed correct.

      However, since Hillary has no common sense and is a totally self absorbed, and more importantly a SHAMELESS individual, I wouldn’t put anything past her personal power ambitions …

      1. Really? What happened, did they finally find that weapons of mass destruction program in Iraq? Did they close Guantanamo on the Bay resort? Have they brought all the inmates there to court?

        No? Still fifth rate at best.

  3. not a chance, the one article that I read about Cook’s personal life will sink him. In effect, Cook has no desire to have a long time personal relationship with someone who is his equal.

    This article was from about 2011, I can’t find it but it wasn’t very flattering. The press might fawn over him for a few months but someone will spin this and end his candidacy.

    Some will say Trump survived a similar hit, but nearly every man has done what Trump did. (and half the women I know…)

    No chance. Run Apple well and collect your stock options and retire.

    1. If every man you know (and half the women) are proudly boasting of committing adultery, you may need some new friends. Remember, when Trump recorded the Access Hollywood tape, he had only been married to Melania for eight months and she was pregnant with Barron.

  4. No, of course he’s not running for president and besides, he continues to be the best person to run Apple.

    As an Apple shareholder, but not a US Citizen, I’m much more interested in how Apple performs rather than who runs for president – within reason.

  5. G’wad that’s a dumb article.

    Just because someone went to Iowa and Ohio they are running for president? Seriously?

    Cook has legitimate BUSINESS reasons for visiting those places …
    (one is for the new Data centre , the other is a company building leak detection sensors for Apple )

    That’s pushing ‘click bait’ stupidity to new levels.

    1. @Davewriter: “Just because someone went to Iowa and Ohio they are running for president? Seriously”.
      The most intelligent, logical comments on this forum. Take my hat off to you.

  6. Being President of America is a thankless job. He is better off being a CEOof successful, financially rich & independent Apple. He has to be a muggins to want to run america

  7. Tim Cook should not play politics regardless of a good cause or personal ambition on Apple time using Apple prestige and Apple stock owners money.

  8. Unlike Zuckerberg, I doubt Tim has political ambitions that go beyond the bully pulpit offered as Apple’s CEO. As others have pointed out, he had legit business reasons to visit Iowa and Ohio, as well as Apple suppliers and retailers around the world…

  9. The US has had approx. seven major naval accidents involving sophysticated war ships in recent history with the Fitzgerald and the McCain having the most sophisticated tracking and detection technology in the history of the world for a ship. It’s a shame that the ships’ top brass got canned when it’s the inherently buggy Windows OS (i.e., the technology) deployed throughout the the ships’ information system that should have been canned instead.

    Therefore, Apple’s Tim Cook presidency would be a threat to the Windows Lobby so he would be under major threat of assassination.

    1. If what you say is true, virus and hacker prone Windows is running our government ships and nuclear silos?!?

      If Cook suspended his hyper-partisan political positions and reached out to work with President Trump, I believe Apple would be in the best position to replaced outdated Microsoft tech with secure Apple tech.

      And just then, I woke up …

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