Apple’s next-gen OLED iPhone said to offer 512GB storage option

“Chinese poster GeekBar (which has a decent track record of iPhone leaks, although by no means infallible) has reported that the new high-end OLED iPhone will be offered in three storage capacities,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac.

“The source says that the iPhone 8 base model is 64 GB, a welcomed doubling of the entry model 32 GB iPhone 7,” Mayo reports. “The mid tier model would be 256 GB and — brand new to the iPhone line — a high-end 512 GB storage option would also be offered.”

“The 64 GB base storage has been well documented by multiple sources in the last few months; Apple is apparently offering 64 GB as standard on the iPhone 7s and iPhone 8,” Mayo reports. “The juicy claim from GeekBar is the inclusion of a high-end 512 GB model… Apple introduced 512 GB to the iOS line with the 2017 iPad Pro models. It would make sense for the company to also sell iPhones in the same capacity.”

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MacDailyNews Take: You can never have enough storage!


    1. There were people already whining about how 64GB wasn’t enough and Apple should have gone with 128GB as the base model. Some people are never satisfied. Apple is smart because it knows consumers will likely upgrade right to the 256GB model. I suppose the 4K video recording must eat up a lot of storage so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

    2. If you think about it Apple offering low RAM as a starting point screwed not only themselves but Apple developers & content owners since fewer apps and media could be loaded. If users had RAM-buying remorse they could do little about it but buy another iPhone – not likely in the immediate. Having decent RAM headroom only would benefit the ecosystem so it was very short-sighted by Apple.

  1. I’m guessing the 512GB model iPhone will be the $1100 model that everyone is whining and moaning about. The 64GB should surely fall under $1000.

    256GB is nice but 512GB is just amazing. Apple is really pushing the envelope on internal storage. I can’t even imagine using that much storage on a smartphone. Heck, most laptops don’t come with that much storage. Apple is going to be rolling in dough. I’ll bet most consumers opt for the 256GB model.

    1. “The 64GB should surely fall under $1000”

      No, if you’re in the market for under $1000, there’s an iPhone 7s in your future. The 8 will start at over $1000 and go up from there. There will be a LOT of people that won’t be able to afford it and that’s actually the point.

  2. Heaven help the idiots that go three months and then realize they have 10,000 photos and many HD videos to sync to their laptop, fire up iTunes to backup and then bitch that it takes longer than 5 minutes.
    Stupid people and tech do not mix well.

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