Video of app switching with Home button-free next-gen iPhone discovered in iOS 11 beta

“Developer Guilherme Rambo has been on a roll over the last month, uncovering a host of new details about Apple’s upcoming devices,” Michael Potuck reports for 9to5Mac. [Below] he’s shared a video found in the iOS 11 beta that could give us a look at how the app switcher may work on the iPhone 8 without Touch ID/a physical Home button.”

“Rambo shared two videos he discovered deep within the iOS 11 beta. The first video doesn’t seem too interesting at first glance, except that sliding from right to left on the Lock screen invokes Control Center instead of the camera,” Potuck reports. “And if the Control Center gesture had to be changed… what took its place?”

“The second video answers that question as it demonstrates using the app switcher with a swipe up gesture – the one that is currently used for Control Center,” Potuck reports. “Presumably, this could be how the iPhone 8 will access the app switcher without Touch ID/a physical Home button.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Seems pretty natural. We’ll get used to it soon enough, we expect.


  1. These gestures are extensions of those we’re already using in iOS 10. But I note that they’d work with or without a Home button. They don’t actually indicate anything about a Home button.

    IOW: Apple may well still be providing some sort of ‘Home’ button tech without our current physical Home button in its current location.

    IOW: Some modicum of mystery remains. No, you can’t read the end of the book before the book is released kids. Sorry. 😛 😥

  2. Apple devices are highly reliable, in my experience, but not infallible. If the physical home button is gone, then I have no doubt that Apple has implemented another button combination to initiate a forced reboot to recover from a lock up, Perhaps a volume button is used in place of the home button in combination with the power button.

    BTW, I still prefer the power button on the top right.

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