Mac subscription apps are killing my budget

“The winds of change are upon us, dear Mac user,” Jeffrey Mincey writes for Mac360. “Ownership rapidly is becoming a thing of the past. Soon we’ll be renters who use technology gadgets and apps and pay for the privilege by the month.”

“The subscription era is here and after adding up some of the monthly fees, I’m not happy about it,” Mincey writes. “Subscription apps are here and added up they combine to devastate my budget.”

“The subscription trend has reached the point where I cannot afford to use all the Mac, iPhone, and iPad applications I want, so I’m on the lookout for lesser expense. Here’s one I found. And it’s a subscription.,” Mincey writes. “It’s called Setapp and it gives you a bunch of disparate but popular applications for a monthly fee. $10 per month gets you unlimited access to a wide variety of Mac apps.”

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MacDailyNews Take: You’re going to need a bigger budget. 😉

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    1. I am still using CS4. I own it and I don’t use it often but it does what I need.

      The only subscription I have is MS Office 365 – and I wouldn’t need that if Apple hadn’t stripped Pages of its functionality and hadn’t screwed up iCloud. OneDrive and all the other apps work well enough on all my devices (2 Macs, iPad and iPhone) and it’s cheap. But it still peeves me that I need it just because Apple screwed up.

        1. I have used LibreOffice spreadsheet for 6 or 7 years. It will do everything better than Excel. I have written hairy mathmatical calculations covering 6 interactive sheets to do my work.

          AND it has a real function display bar. I have all my associates using it, and many customers.

          I used Word for years, but Pages for the last 5 or so. As for functionality, Balmer said it best “of course, Word doesn’t work as well on a Mac”. I switched to Pages when Word went crazy if I put more that two pictures on a page.

          Keynote beats the rest.

    2. Worst of all are true “Pro” apps for designers, engineering, modeling, etc. Those run $5000 and up with a $1000+/year “maintenance/support/upgrade” fee.

      But the app I use, Solidworks, simply can’t be replaced by anything less expensive. The results I get pay me well.

  1. Just say no to subscription apps and hardware. It’s the trend and if people stop buying the subscription then it will stop.

    The other alternative is to just get hacked versions of software.

    Why would anyone buy a product like ring. Pay for the video recording, security cameras, ect. and get nothing back from it you cold get with a SD card.

    This is just opening door for Chinese companies to take over the market. Look at Arlo cam, they charge a monthly fee for really nothing. But you can by a Yi camera and not have a subscription and have the video on a SD card.

    People are still not paying for photoshop and their subscription model.

      1. Or they could just let me upload my video to my NAS rather then depend on a internet connection to upload to their servers. Their “basic” free plan is very limited and limited for a reason. Then of course if you added a bunch of their cameras you have to upgrade. It would be easy to just program it to upload to my NAS. Now I have a lot more storage with my YI, no internet connection required, no lost footage due to internet outrages.

    1. So you’re telling me you don’t pay a permanent monthly fee for your screwdrivers, cutlery, bathroom scale, towels, garden tools, toothbrush, computer, etc. etc.?

      Seriously, software is just another tool. They give it to me once, and then expect me to pay every month!!! No thanks. Never.

  2. The only subscription I have is Microsoft Office 365 for myself and my wife. Apple’s own software (Pages) is not up to my standard for a word processor. Word is much better IMO.

    1. But it’s not necessary for people to “band together”.

      The current version of Pages is still crap.
      If they ever get it back to the abilities of 4.3, then I MIGHT buy it for other improvements that would (I hope) have happened.
      But if they then wanted to make it subscription, I just wouldn’t bother. I’d stick with 4.3. No “banding” or persuading me to the cause necessary.
      I think there would be plenty of people like that… who’ll consider paying an upgrade fee every couple or few years, but are not going to pay monthly.

    2. Let see, I use Adobe CC every day to make a living. It cost me around $54 dollars including tax. I get access to Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat DC, Animate, Dreamweaver, After Effects, Premier, Adobe Encoder, Type Kit, plus a bunch of additional iOS iPad Pro compatible apps with the added value of 20GB of cloud storage and the ability to collaborate on a project with other Adobe CC users. One BC design pays for the entire month. This represents an excellent value for me since I use all of the mentioned packages with varying frequency. Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat and Photoshop I use every single day.

        1. That’s the way it should be. Any chance you could post some of your work here? It would be really nice to see what people do with their Macs rather than listening to citizen and botty insult each other.

          1. Yeah, those two can really hijack a thread and stuff my inbox in a N.Y. minute. It is what it is.

            Through the years I’ve done work for national clients, but it is best for business to remain private.

            Thanks for the thought …

  3. Paying to “rent” software is BS, same as paying “rent” to listen to music. We should work on collectively EFFng these subscribtion companies by not using their products.

    Look what paying “rent” got you with cable tv: You still have commercials except YOU are paying to watch them. Wouldn’t you rather have free TV over the air and have your payment be commercials?

    Same thing could happen to radio. We should NOT have to pay a monthly “rent” to listen to music. Get it over the air and lets screw the rent seeking bastards royally!

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