ESPN’s Apple TV app can now stream four live games simultaneously

“ESPN is launching a new version of its Apple TV app that lets viewers watch up to four live streams simultaneously,” Zac Hall reports for 9to5Mac. “The new MultiCast feature is designed for following multiple games at the same time so you don’t miss key plays or have to flip between streams to see a score.”

Hall reports, “According to Variety, ESPN is considering using some of the grid for monitoring more than just live streams: ‘Down the road, too, ESPN is thinking of using the other tiles in the MultiCast for content aside from video. For example, those could be playing in-game highlights, fantasy sports updates, alerts, scoreboards or social-media posts.'”

“MultiCast also positions ESPN well ahead of the rumored 4K Apple TV possibly launching debuting this year: think one 4K UHD screen filled with four 1080p full HD live streams,” Hall reports. “For now MultiCast is exclusively available on the Apple TV, ESPN says, because other smart TV platforms don’t have the some capabilities as tvOS.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good news for sports lovers!


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