Apple’s iPhone 7 remains the world’s most popular smartphone

According to the latest research from Strategy Analytics, Apple’s iPhone 7 remains the world’s most popular smartphone model.

Neil Mawston, Executive Director at Strategy Analytics, said in a statement, “Global smartphone shipments reached a robust 360.4 million units in Q2 2017. The top-five most popular models together accounted for 1 in 6 of all smartphones shipped worldwide during the quarter.”

Juha Winter, Senior Analyst at Strategy Analytics, added, “We estimate Apple iPhone 7 shipped 16.9 million units and captured 5 percent marketshare worldwide in Q2 2017. The iPhone 7 remains the world’s most popular smartphone model overall, due to a compelling blend of user-friendly design, extensive supporting apps, and widespread retail presence for the device. Apple iPhone 7 Plus, with its bigger screen and higher pricing, shipped 15.1 million units for second place and 4 percent marketshare worldwide in Q2 2017. Apple today accounts for two of the world’s top five smartphone models.”

Linda Sui, Director at Strategy Analytics, added, “We estimate Xiaomi Redmi 4A shipped 5.5 million units for fifth place and 2 percent marketshare worldwide in Q2 2017. Xiaomi is becoming wildly popular across Asia. Xiaomi is now the fourth largest smartphone vendor in China and the second biggest across India. Xiaomi is selling a large volume of smartphones through online channels, with key distribution partners such as Flipkart and JD.”

Strategy Analytics: Global Smartphone Shipments & Marketshare by Model in Q2 2017

The full report, Samsung S8 Becomes World’s Best-Selling Android Smartphone, is published by the Strategy Analytics Smartphone Model Tracker (SMT) service, details of which can be found here.

Source: Strategy Analytics

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s iPhone. The once and future king.


  1. Steve was looking for only 1% global marketshare in the smartphone space, (like there even was a “smartphone before iPhone).

    Ponder Apple’s marketshare if Eric T. Mole had not totally fcked Steve over, time and time again along with SamScum and our own U.S. gubberment. Back stabbing scumbag. FU and your most corrupt company Mole.

    The world is worse off now technically with your junkware both hard and soft .!.. read between the lines. Pathetic.

    1. Although Steve only wanted 1% global market share for the iPhone, everyone still snickered, saying it was impossible. That’s the type of respect Apple got, no respect at all. It was said to be impossible for a computer company to figure out how to build a successful smartphone. It’s funny because a computer in a cell phone was what the industry really needed. Oh, well, those days are long gone and so is Steve. Apple will just have to keep muddling along and keep trying to prove all the naysayers wrong every single quarter.

      Eric and crew are still cruising along with their fat P/E and various Alphabet ‘moon-shot projects’ which still haven’t provided any substantial revenue for the company as Wall Street keeps believing they will. Only Apple remains as the ‘doomed company.’

      1. Forget about revenue, none of those ‘moon shot projects’ have worked, period. Said projects remind me of another kind of ‘shot’ that happens after a certain private ‘activity’ that could be substituted for Alphabet’s ‘efforts’. 😛

  2. The statistics posted here do not make the iPhone 7 the most popular iPhone model in use. It is only reporting the current sales share. Actual market share of in service devices will tell you a different story. Fully 1/3 of iOS devices in use are more than 2 years old. iPhone 7 only surpassed iPhone 6 and 6S model sales when the supply of new headphone jack equipped iphones dried up.

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